Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good Night Kiss

Happy Birthday Cody!  I pray this is a wonderful year for him and Gods richest Blessings and protection. I made this video years ago, it is one of my more popular videos on It reminds us all that our children/grandchildren grow up too fast and to cherish each moment we have with them. Cody, We are proud of you and love you. Thanks for all the joy you bring into our lives with your smile, big heart, tender spirit, humor and wisdom. Parents, Never take good nights and tucking your kids in at night for granted. Always Kiss Your Children good night even if they are asleep.

Cody and Trent at KOA campground near Concrete yesterday.

Celebrating Cody's B-day cake on Friday night.
We saved some for him and his family to enjoy tonight
Engine #6 was retired in 1954 and sits along SR 20. Is that Cody hopping a train?

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