Friday, June 30, 2017

Good to Be Back Home Again (North Dakota Trip)

We just got home from a trip to North Dakota- You can see the photos in video above to John Denver's song, Its Good To Be Home Again.  It was a short vacation but a memorable one.

Saturday, June 24th we left at 5am to drive to Billings, Montana on our vacation.

Sunday we drove to Minot and arrived about 4pm after getting lost briefly in Williston due to growth and changes. Minot had changed too- and we visited the grave of my dad, mom and sister first. We also visited Sunnyside Mobile Home park where we lived before sawyer- Lots of Changes!
Monday we all drove to Sawyer- the principal of the school was nice enough to update us on changes.Next year the high school goes to Max due to lack of students. We also visited the Sawyer Cemetery and Mennonite Cemetery where many who made a big influence on my life are buried. I owe a lot to even those who I did not know- your life influences so many- either for the good or bad.
                                    The Hedahl Farm is in background- lived there 61-66

Tuesday we drove to Kenmare- my grandpas old farm where my aunt Carol/Kenny have done such a great job fixing it up- again, the work they put into it I am still enjoying as will those after me. We had 19 attend- mostly aunts and uncles and most, I had not seen for years.

Wednesday I drove Wayne to airport for his flight, and then took off for home. I went home via route  2 and Tim via I-90(the way we came). Lots of good memories and a whole different view of Montana. My parents moved to Tacoma in June of 1966 on that route- and somewhere near the rockies, the van the truck was pulling came loose- luckily my mom was behind that wheel and brought it to a stop. We stayed in Shelby, about a 10 hour drive from Minot. Checked in around 4pm.
Thursday we saw our first accident- but hopefully no fatalities and we, were the 6th car behind lineup that they let us drive in ditch to get around. Around 9am we entered Glacier Park and drove the Going to the Sun Road- the first day it was open for this season- so lots of cars and full parking lots. We had done this with our kids and lots of memories again. We were out of park around noon and headed to Sandpoint to stay at Jans sisters for night.

Friday we left for home about 8;30 and got home about noon. the traffic was picking up for the holiday weekend greatly and glad we go to go when we did. Thanks for our neighbors for watering our plants, to Darcie for feeding our pets, and for Tim, Wayne and so many others for making this such a memorable trip. It was a short trip and wish we coiuld have seen others- but maybe next time.
We left Cindy's around 8:30 and got home about 12:30 on Friday, June 30th- Below are photos from previous trips- you guess the year and who is in it....