Friday, June 27, 2014

My Wish For You

Today is Caitlyns  birthday! Happy Birthday Caitlyn. I am Thankful for The Wonderful Years with Caitlyn. Rascall Flatts sings a song called "My Wish For You" that I added some photos to, several years ago- There are lots of wishes we have for our Grandchildren-sometimes just Happy Birthday is not enough, and Sometimes things do not always go as we wished.  I would like post a letter Paul Harvey quoted on his program in 1997 as well as the words to this song below. I do wish you Gods love and peace and blessings that only he can give.

We tried so hard to make things better for our kids that we made them worse.

For my grandchildren, I'd like better. I'd really like them to know about hand me down clothes and homemade ice cream and leftover meat loaf sandwiches. I really would. I hope you learn humility by being humiliated, and that you learn honesty by being cheated. I hope you learn to make your own bed and mow the lawn and wash the car. And I really hope nobody gives you a brand new car when you are sixteen. It will be good if at least one time you can see puppies born and your old dog put to sleep.

I hope you get a black eye fighting for something you believe in, I hope you have to share a bedroom with your younger brother. And it's all right if you have to draw a line down the middle of the room, but when he wants to crawl under the covers with you because he's scared, I hope you let him. I hope you have to walk uphill to school with your friends and that you live in a town where you can do it safely.

On rainy days when you have to catch a ride, I hope you don't ask your driver to drop you two blocks away so you won't be seen riding with someone as uncool as your Mom. If you want a slingshot, I hope your Dad teaches you how to make one instead of buying one. I hope you learn to dig in the dirt and read books. When you learn to use computers, I hope you also learn to add and subtract in your head.

I hope you get teased by your friends when you have your first crush on a girl, and when you talk back to your mother that you learn what ivory soap tastes like. May you skin your knee climbing a mountain, burn your hand on a stove, and stick your tongue on a frozen flagpole. I don't care if you try a beer once, but I hope you don't like it. And if a friend offers you dope or a joint, I hope you realize he is not your friend. I sure hope you make time to sit on a porch with your Grandpa and go fishing with your Uncle.

May you feel sorrow at a funeral and joy during the holidays. I hope your mother punishes you when you throw a baseball through your neighbor's window and that she hugs you and kisses you at Christmas time when you give her a plaster mold of your hand. These things I wish for you - tough times and disappointment, hard work and happiness. To me, it's the only way to appreciate life.

Written with a pen. Sealed with a kiss. I'm here for you. And if I die before you do, I'll go to heaven and wait for you. Send this to all of your friends. We secure our friends, not by accepting favors, but by doing them.
Paul Harvey
These Photos of Caitlyn were taken Wednesday at Kenroy Park

She is a good big Sister
Happy Birthday Caitlyn!

I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow,
And each road leads you where you want to go,
And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose,
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.
And if one door opens to another door closed,
I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window,
If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile,

But more than anything, more than anything,
My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.

I hope you never look back, but ya never forget,
All the ones who love you, in the place you left,
I hope you always forgive, and you never regret,
And you help somebody every chance you get,
Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake,
And you always give more than you take.

But more than anything, yeah, and more than anything,
My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.

This is my wish
I hope you know somebody loves you
May all your dreams stay big

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Noah and the Last Day

Someone asked why I don't have guest posts- what an excellent idea. Please allow me to share a brief 25 minute video by Ray Comfort. I think this video is well done and brings out some good points.  I hope you will take time to listen. And since I am featuring guest bloggers, let me post one view from Michael below as well- again, since they are guests, I will refrain from posting my views. just click on arrow- it is free.

Earning the right to be heard?

March 8, 2010 by Michael 

There is a saying among Christians that has been voiced for decades, but recently I have been running into it more and more and I find it completely unbiblical. You generally hear it from those who are more interested in the social gospel – that is those who are more concerned with deeds not creeds. What they are saying is we have to “earn the right to be heard.” What they mean is that Christians should “do” something to show that they care so that someone will give them the right to share the gospel with them. The implication is that if the unbeliever sees that you actually care for them they would be more willing or interested in hearing what you have to say.
Now before I explain why the premise behind this perspective is unbiblical let me first say that I don’t have any problem with using “caring for felt needs” as a means to create an opportunity to share the gospel in a meaningful way. In fact, caring for someone in this manner actually make them a captive audience; because who’s going to reject a free meal just because they don’t want to listen to you. Therefore the caring for the need becomes a means to the end, not a requirement.
The real problem is the belief that we have to “earn the right,” here some of my reasons why:
1. The authority to preach the gospel does not come from those to whom we are preaching, but from the one who has sent us to preach.  Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 28:18-19 “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Jesus does not say to them “but first be sure to “earn the right to be heard.” What the king commands we are to do!
2. There are no examples of Jesus or any of the apostles making such a claim, nor performing any acts in order to “earn the right to be heard.” Peter preached the first sermon on the day of Pentecost and thousands were saved, but he did nothing to “earn the right.” Paul went from town to town preaching in synagogues and the market place not once did he first make a point to “earn the right to be heard.”
3. There is nowhere recorded in all of Scripture where a non-Christians makes the claim that those who preached the gospel had not “earned the right” to do so.
4. Showing you care by feeding the hungry does not change the hearts of men to respond in faith to the gospel. Jesus fed 5000 men in John 6, but when they heard the gospel they all rejected it and left Jesus. “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Rom. 10:17) not then by caring for felt needs.
5. If we are required to “earn the right to be heard,” then this would be true for all of God’s people at all times, but when God sent Jonah to the people of Nineveh he did not tell Jonah to go into the city and earn the right to be heard and when you have done that then preach. No, God sent Jonah to declare “Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!”
What it all comes down to in the end is who is sovereign. If you believe it is God then you will proclaim the gospel to all no matter if they believe you have “earned the right” to do so. That’s what were called to do. That’s what the Bible commands us to do. That’s what Jesus demands we do! Because God himself has given us that right, privilege and joy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grope Me Gently

Jan and I attended Aviation Days at Pangborn Airport Saturday. She almost did a helicopter ride. Several years ago she parachuted at that airport. (out of a perfectly good airplane too)  Some wonder why I do not like to travel by airlines- things have changed so much since 9/11 and perhaps the biggest reason is TSA. I know some enjoy the changes- and that is fine-I respect that. I enjoy cruises and driving still. For you who did not know, your airline tickets are going up in July; nd we are not getting our cost of living raise this July lst again- that makes year # 5 since we got a cost of living raise. Sure glad the cost of living is not going up.
Summer travelers won’t be happy to hear this news: come July, airline tickets will be more expensive. Fliers with long layovers could face even higher prices.
But they can’t blame the airlines for the increase.
Transportation Security Administration fees, which are added to ticket prices, are set to rise. In December’s budget negotiations, Congress agreed to raise the fees, which are estimated to raise $12.6 billion in the next 10 years.
The agreement raised the fees to a flat rate of $5.60 added to each leg of a trip from $2.50 for a nonstop flight, or $5 for a trip with a layover.
The TSA is looking to charge an extra $5.60 fee for each leg of the flight where there is a connection of more than four hours.
Ross Feinstein, press secretary for the TSA, told in a statement, it is submitting definitions of flights and layovers to the Federal Registered in accordance with the budget agreement.
“As required by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, TSA has submitted an interim final rule to the Federal Register to restructure the September 11th Security Fee. In accordance with Federal Law, the revenue generated from the security fee will be deposited in the general fund of the Treasury. The revenue is to be used to offset TSA costs for providing civil aviation security services, after stipulated amounts are applied to reduction of the Federal deficit,” Feinstein says.
The rule will be published Friday, and will kick in 30 days later.
Steve Loucks, spokesperson for Travel Leaders, a nationwide travel agency, calls the move “airway robbery.”
“They should follow the spirit of the law that was passed by Congress. This hurts fliers who have to endure long layovers through no fault of their own.”
He says there are times where fliers can’t avoid layovers, and that it’s the airliners that are set to take the image hit. “Consumers will start seeing increases in their airline tickets, and when airlines have to disclose what the price is, consumers don’t see what the individual taxes are,” he says. “Consumers will think airlines are the ones raising the prices.”
He says it’s unlikely the TSA will roll these fees back, and consumers should reach out to their members of Congress to urge a change.
“They have to hold the TSA accountable to changing what the intent of the law is,” he says. “They can also work to minimize their connecting time.”
U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow issued a statement Thursday acknowledging aviation security is a concern, but expressing disappointment over the hike.
"Clearly there needs to be adequate funding for aviation security, but the last adjustment to the fee that funds TSA activities was very disappointing. In the budget agreement for the current fiscal year, the fee was raised knowing that a significant portion would be used to fund unrelated projects by Congress, instead of using all of the new revenue to pay for improved security activities,” Dow says. “Not only did the fee increase, but now, if passengers have layovers of longer than four hours, they are charged the entire fee again.

 Earlier tonight was the big season opener for the NFL, where the Patriots played their first game since the “Deflategate” scandal. I don’t want to say the refs spent a long time examining balls, but today, they were hired by the TSA.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Jesus Loves Me

What a honor to  have Pastor Jerry and our church  honor Janice yesterday as Children's Pastor and share the "roses" while we are still alive. Thank You. She has served on staff longer than I have worked at WSDOT and has had 4 different offices.  I do not find the word Retire in the Bible, and we still plan on making Wenatchee First our "home". I am praying for the new Children's Pastor that God has for our church, for such a time like this. Thanks for the many photos, flowers, kind words and memories shared (it may not be too late to leave  note at the welcome center for her memory book) Thanks to the many who worked along side us. I am thankful Pastor Jerry gave Janice a chance and also for the many memories I cherish because of that opportunity. This church have been so good and so generous to us. We started attending Wenatchee First Assembly the Sunday night after Christmas, in 1987 when we moved here from Marysville. (a few remembered my job at WUTC)  Pastor Jerry Beebe, Larry Henke, and Bill Hartman stand out as welcoming us, but actually so many welcomed us, and many have been patient and forgiving with me over the years.  Many I cannot thank today, as they have gone home- I miss them so much.  Others have moved away.  I made this video years ago- it may be outdated music,(the words are not) and many of the kids are now grown up. May you never forget, "Jesus Loves You"- it is so true.

Lefsa Night
Royal Family Camp
Staff Retreat
 Kids Church
 District Council
 Water Baptism
Senior Christmas Party
Kids Parade
Before U were thought of or time had begun, God stuck U in the name of His Son.
And each time U pray, you'll see it's true, You can't spell out JesUs and not include U.
You're a pretty big part of His wonderful name, For U, He was born; that's why He came.
And His great love for U is the reason He died. It even takes U to spell crUcified.
Isn't it thrilling and splendidly grand He rose from the dead, with U in His plan?
The stones split away, the gold trUmpet blew, and this word resUrrection is spelled with a U.
When JesUs left earth at His Upward ascension, He felt there was one thing He just had to mention.
"Go into the world and tell them it's true That I love them all - Just like I love U."
So many great people are spelled with a U, Don't they have a right to know JesUs too?
It all depends now on what U will do, He'd like them to know, But it all starts with U.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

She's Got You

"She's Got You" is a famous pop song written by Hank Cochran and was first recorded and released as a single by Patsy Cline in 1962. Musically the song is an upbeat jazz-pop song with country overtones to support it. This video lip sinc is from a high school reunion and made me laugh! I posted a article on developing your sense of humor below. We had our 40 year high school reunion last summer.
Developing your sense of humor: Take yourself less seriously
One essential characteristic that helps us laugh is not taking ourselves too seriously. We’ve all known the classic tight-jawed sourpuss who takes everything with deathly seriousness and never laughs at anything. No fun there!
Some events are clearly sad and not occasions for laughter. But most events in life don’t carry an overwhelming sense of either sadness or delight. They fall into the gray zone of ordinary life–giving you the choice to laugh or not.

Ways to help yourself see the lighter side of life:
Laugh at yourself. Share your embarrassing moments. The best way to take yourself less seriously is to talk about times when you took yourself too seriously.
Attempt to laugh at situations rather than bemoan them. Look for the humor in a bad situation, and uncover the irony and absurdity of life. This will help improve your mood and the mood of those around you.
Surround yourself with reminders to lighten up. Keep a toy on your desk or in your car. Put up a funny poster in your office. Choose a computer screensaver that makes you laugh. Frame photos of you and your family or friends having fun.
Keep things in perspective. Many things in life are beyond your control—particularly the behavior of other people. While you might think taking the weight of the world on your shoulders is admirable, in the long run it’s unrealistic, unproductive, unhealthy, and even egotistical.
Deal with your stress. Stress is a major impediment to humor and laughter.
Pay attention to children and emulate them. They are the experts on playing, taking life lightly, and laughing.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Work Zones

The 10th and final Andrew York Memorial Lineman Rodeo is today in Wenatchee. The Rodeo honors a Chelan County PUD lineman who died in 2000 from injuries suffered on the job when he was hit by a drunken driver in a work zone. Work Zone accidents happen because of Inattention, Impatience, Drinking/Drugs, Cell Phones,  Speed, or  just plain stupidity.  Just last week a car decided to pass the string of cars even though I was standing in the lane adjacent to my truck with lights going- One would normally think cars passing look ahead; but coming within 2 feet of someone not expecting you at 70 mph is kinda stupid. We see the same on striper truck, passing with cars coming toward them. We have people passing on the right, some will even take frontage roads hoping to get around us. They do not seem to care fines double in work zones- I guess you can't fix stupid. To those who do slow down and care about safety- my hats off to you. Sorry Mr. Andrew York cannot be here today.
•Ignoring a warning can cause much mourning.

You already know to move over for law enforcement, fire vehicles and ambulances. But did you know Delaware’s “Move Over Law” has recently been extended to include DelDOT vehicles and tow trucks as well? It’s easy to recognize which vehicles you need to move over for, just look for flashing blue, red, white or amber emergency lights. And this applies not only to highway work zones, but any time these lights are flashing – for example when a law enforcement officer has pulled a vehicle over for speeding, or when a tow truck is at the scene of an accident. Motorists who break the law and end up hurting an emergency worker may be committing a felony and may face up to four years in prison.
Chance takers are accident maker

•Safety comes before Schedule only in the dictionary.

•Macho does not prove mucho. Do it safely.

•Working safely each day will keep the doctor away.

•Flesh and Bone are no match for a grinding stone.

•Those precious fingers don’t ignore. . . Or they could end up on the floor.

•While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work

•Safety is something you learn from the start – Being accident free is doing your part.

•Falling objects can be brutal if you don’t protect your noodle.

•Safety slogans are nifty – Give me my fifty.

•Safety doesn’t slow the job down but mishaps do.

•Put safety into action – the wishbone will never replace the backbone.

•Protect only the fingers you WANT to keep!

•Safety… You will regret if you forget.

•Open the Door to Safety: Awareness is the Key

•Protect your hands, you need them to pick up your pay check

•10 fingers. 10 toes, if you are not safe – who knows?

•Don’t count on your coworker to be the smart one. You know him too well for that.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Another work-zone crash highlights need to slow down, focus

By Mike Allende

Road crews on Interstate 5 had a bad scare Wednesday night, June 22 in a scene that's becoming all too common in our work zones.

A contractor crew was setting up traffic control devices on a paving project north of Stanwood. At 8:40 p.m., a pickup slammed into a truck mounted attenuator on the project. The crew escaped major injury, but workers were so shaken by the crash – and driver injuries – that work was cancelled for the night.
The crash also blocked all of northbound I-5 for about one hour and caused a significant backup headed into Mt. Vernon.

Thankfully the TMA – a giant, accordion-like buffer between work crews and drivers -- did its job and shielded the workers. But even with this safety device two people were sent to the hospital: the attenuator driver and the pickup driver, who was transported by emergency helicopter.
We wish this was a rare occurrence, but the danger in our work zones is very real. We average 916 work zone injuries a year on state roads. In 2015, nine people died in Washington work zone crashes. And most often, it isn't the workers who are at the most risk. The fact is, 96 percent of people hurt in work zone crashes in our state are drivers, their passengers or passing pedestrians.

It's vital for drivers to slow down and be focused on the road at all times -- for the safety of highway workers but also for themselves and their fellow travelers.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Drivers on the Phone

Several years ago I made this video called Drivers on the Phone. The problem has gotten worse, and people think it is ok to take their eyes off the road for 4 or 5 seconds- a lot can happen in those seconds. Please do not text or talk on the cell phone while you are driving- especially to me. I would hate to see your last call was to me after they discover the phone at accident scene.
(from a Newspaper- true story)
On April 5th, a young Eastern Washington University student was returning to Cheney following the Easter weekend at home with her family in Portland. She had been driving for some time when she reached the area west of Davenport. Based on previously-sent text messages, she was apparently frustrated by the inclement weather (snow) and consequential slow traffic. In fact, she had passed a car a few miles back, traveling at an estimated 20 mph over the posted 60 mph speed limit.
While driving in line between 2 Whitney Fuel tanker trucks, her small Chevrolet Aveo vehicle drifted over the centerline, was over-corrected and spun 180 degrees when it was impacted at an estimated combined speed of 100 mph by an oncoming GMC Yukon. Being hit from the rear, her vehicle provided almost no protection, and the young woman died at the scene. When her body was removed from the vehicle, she was still grasping the cell phone upon which she had typed 1 letter of her next text message. (The driver of the Yukon was transported to the Davenport Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.) When WSP investigators finalized their report, they concluded that although weather was a minor factor, distracted driving (texting) was the root cause of this fatal accident.

Because of its inherent danger, driving deserves undivided attention. While we can’t control other drivers, let’s make sure we give it that attention and do what we can to influence those we love to do the same. ( I did not post the photo of car- I think you can get the idea)
Although Police may be exempt from talking on cell phone laws- it still is unsafe.
Q:  How does the brain communicate with the nerves?
A:  With a Cell phone!

Q: Why are there so many Jones's in the phone book?
A: Because they all have phones.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

If 10% Is Good Enough for Jesus....

One year ago, East Wenatchee increased car tabs by 49%,  and increased our property tax by 1%, the last two years in a  row, without a vote of citizens .  A World news article quoted “Lacy said Wednesday that he doesn’t think that the condition of residential streets is a crisis, but said that available funding for street repairs is so lacking it’s “laughable.” East Wenatchee removed the 25% of property and sales tax that goes to Street funds several years ago without a vote of council. Where are those funds now? Mayor told council when he changed it, that since all street funds now come from general funds, "we can spend more than 25% if needed"? Never Happened- did it?  The finance director stated “he could not find the ordinance setting it, so figured the previous clerk set it at 25%"? I do remember not only setting it, but one year bumping it to a 30/70 split briefly. the state auditor claims that by passing the budget, you pass whatever split or lack of split at that time, so it was legal? The city spent street funds (general funds) to help fund the sprint boats for several years when there was not enough in the 6% hotel/motel taxes by almost 100,000.

Yesterday I heard on KPQ radio a report that I felt was misleading- It painted  the city newest project, The Gateway Project, as part of "the Entrance to the City what could have a library, meeting place which we do not have now, a farmers market and property is  located at foot of 9th ST".- First- this is nothing new- we spent 5,000 several years ago on a study to clean up downtown with business owners requesting we buy that property for more parking for them.  The property is indeed an eyesore, and the Texaco Sign is out of compliance still, after all these years. It is not a gas station now, and think of the cleanup cost from possible contaminated soil/tanks? It is not the Entrance to the City. Who says we do not have a meeting place now- isn't that what the city hall was built for- the council chambers and other rooms? Is that the role of basic Government?  I doubt if there is room for a library at Valley Mall Pkw. and 9th St. and if the city was to move library there- it would have fund at least 150,000 from general funds as the library was built in city hall partially from a gift that stated it had to be used for a library. (Actually the gift was around 40,000 and grew to 150,000 with interest as it sat) I personally do not think people want a library just one block from the Porn Shop and next to Taverns- the only patrons would be the bums who sleep along trail. (that is still allowed and no one cares) And if it is big enough- where is the parking and room for farmers market and meeting rooms as stated?  The light for that intersection was approved years ago on six year street plan and is nothing new or related to this project. The article said they did not know if the property owner wanted to sell- that  is confusing as we discussed this years ago, on the 5,000 study, and that was the direction why we had to do the study back then. (see post below from city web site)  The article never mentioned costs , where the money would come from or why the government is competing with private business?  It sure sounds like Wenatchee Politics and how Obama runs news stories by state run media. This is same council who thought the sprint boats were the answer and who had us believe if we passed the sales tax increase for arena, all of Wenatchee's tax problems would be over. Do you think Wenatchee and surrounding communities will bail us out when this fails and they ask for more money. Wake up- is this the PFD all over again?  I am still holding out for 30.00 car tabs that I voted on several times. And for you laughing at me for holding out- remember Wenatchee got into its mess the same way- people not questioning or asking tough questions,  and I personally prefer not to consolidate our police with the county and raise taxes too. 

This is only news I found on city web site- it goes against the news report that they "do not know if the property owner wants to sell property". I am not blaming anyone for this type of news story- I just am tired of this type of news stories I hear more and more of every day. Is this investigative reporting or just blogging?

Mayor's Report

Post Date:06/11/2014 8:56 AM

Mayor Lacy reminded Council of the retreat being held on Friday, May 30, 2014, starting at 9 a.m. at the Wild Card Sports Bar & Grill to discuss.  He stated that it will be an open public meeting, and will be advertised. 
Mayor Lacy stated that he would like Council to approve moving forward with purchasing property for the Gateway Project before deciding any uses for the property. He said that the owner is well aware of our interest, we have not begun to negotiate terms or prices, but the owner has an interest and is willing to negotiate.  Mayor Lacy said he would like to keep income flowing at the property, until we have the funds to starthe said something will be developed, he will explore it with Legal Counsel, and it will be an on-going negotiation. 

update; the land at 88 9th St. was to be purchased by city for 450,000 after the original story said 350,000. The illegal Texaco sign has not been taken down yet. the county valuation of land is only $283,000? and the owners purchased the property in 03 for 325,000. Thanks taxpayers- this will be a welcome addition for the transients and the adult book store across the street from gateway project.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

McDonalds Fishing Commerical

Both Darcie and Jeremy worked at the East Wenatchee McDonalds during high school- in the former building across from the present one. I love to take the grandkids to the Wenatchee McDonalds because of the toy area- not for the food or the prices. I actually prefer Wendys, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell,  or Arbys for fast food and prices. Here is an old McDonalds commercial that will bring a smile to your face.

Q: How do you make a hamburger smile?
A: Pickle it gently!

Q: Did you hear about the hamburger who couldn't stop making jokes?
A: He was on a roll!

Q: Where does the one legged waitress work?
A: The Ihop
Over the weekend Starbucks announced a new program that will pay employees to take online classes at Arizona State. Said Starbucks employees, “We already went there. That’s why we work at Starbucks.”

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fat by Ken Davis

I certainly am not one to judge Fat People- I wish I had the answer to loosing that extra weight. Ken Davis does a good job making us laugh about it. Rather than say too much about this, let me post a few cartoons below.
My Favorite Food is Seconds.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Farting at City Council

I really hope I do not have to run for office again- I have done my time. In fact Ken Stanton, the Douglas county commissioner position who I was going to run for, has done a good job and I have voted for him each time- (as long as he does not raise taxes). He appears to be drawing Wenatchee's car dealers sales tax revenues instead, and Wenatchee seems to encourage that, for him. 

Wenatchee likes to blame declining tax revenues and believes the only answer is in more taxes. they will not admit business are moving out, but rather say it is because there is no new building? (same city that just built Pybus market, the Arena, and kicked out a mobile home park along the river) I am not sure why they are not looking at decreasing expenses or choose to hide behind a study on how to raise 200 million in new taxes, as the only solution. Below are some of the suggestions they are pushing;

To help raise more money, the committee also advised the city to impose a new per-employee fee on all employers(including non profit); raise property taxes; and raise utility fees. Watch out- Wenatchee just raised car tabs by 20.00 without a vote of the people and now wants to double that amount!  Wenatchee already has raised property taxes by 1% each year and wants to increase it property taxes another .58 per 1,000 on top of that. A 70.00 tax for all employees including non profits and tax exempt is new and  on top of other taxes. Church's would pay that, and I can only assume they would exempt themselves and all government employees as they already exempt themselves from all of these taxes they are so eager to pass onto us. The utility tax would go from present 6% to a new high of 10%.

The group asked the city to consider forming a parks district or partnering with the Chelan County PUD to maintain its parks; and to consider turning the museum and pool operations over to nonprofit agencies- This is a fancy word for more taxes- a parks district is a another new tax and the pool and museum are not draining the city like the arena and Pybus market is. Why can a non profit operate it cheaper, especially when they must  now pay a tax on all employees? Isn't this the same city who needed to build a arena that they promised would be self supporting and no help would be needed from neighbors if they could get their share of sales tax that otherwise would go to state? And the Pybus market was the key to solving all the cities problems? I know the importance of volunteering and summer programs- Ironically our church used to provide a summer outreach for free (as do many other church's), some even in city parks. This year instead of our church doing that outreach- the city is renting our building to help those kids- and I bet those working that summer camp are all paid staff of city by our tax dollars- do you $ee the problem developing?

They said that merging the fire and police with Chelan County operations should be just a first step toward eventually merging with police and fire agencies in Douglas County as well. Why should they merge with Douglas County as well and what is difference between merge and contract out as the cities of Leavenworth, Cashmere and Chelan do"? I have yet to see on estimate of bid price and last spring several cities were complaining of increased costs from Chelan county? Instead why not cut costs-Do we need the highest paid police and highest paid fire Dept. in the State if they are trying to save their jobs? Do we really need the top of the line 160mph Police Cars that each cost $55,000 each ? Do we need to pay all the overtime and sick leave costs if their jobs are now on the line? I won't dwell on the overtime paid out last month except to say just one department located in the city hall building had over 600 hours overtime paid out just in May and are pushing for more- and no, that was not the police or fire department. Contract if you must, (not my top choice)  but do not merge- if you must merge, they dissolve the entire city and let the county take over but don't pick and choose what you will merge and keep. As a Douglas county resident- why should I bail out the highest paid police and fire when our taxes are lower and our police and fire work for less- even though they are worth more- and sacrificed for lower taxes?

My job is not to tell Wenatchee what to do- but when they start to tell me they want to merge with Douglas county and urge my commissioners to raise taxes again- it becomes my problem. In politics, it is a comparison game- wages are compared, benefits compared and of coarse taxes are compared and they have to keep up with those charging more so they will not loose so much business moving across the river. Man up Wenatchee! face your problems and don't hide behind some study or recommendations that do not look at cutting any waste or expenses. I am already paying extra sales tax because they lied to us years ago on PFD agreement and your regionalization sales pitch to voters that was supposed to be the answer to Wenatchee's finance problems.  And we have not even discussed the governors proposed 11.5 cent gas tax increase, his global warming tax, the 12 cent federal gas tax, the Douglas PUD rate hike of 6% we just got, or Chelan County commissioner vote to  increase property tax for all (except government properties) to  pay for flood control. Meanwhile- its been 5 years since state workers got a cost of living raise and yes, "no raise on July 1st of this year" either, that was offered in last budget package. If Wenatchee raises tax- maybe they should at same time impose an 18.00 an  hour min. wage to help us pay for it? Rather than regionalize and reward Wenatchee for not doing its job, maybe Chelan county should annex Wenatchee- I will wait until after Tuesday's tax increase vote on that recommendation. Eleven months from now 4 Wenatchee City council positions and the mayors position will be open for filing for the fall election- You Must be a one year resident of city and pay a 1% of first years salary as filing fee.

"The City of Wenatchee  is considering a bill that would tax Botox. When Botox users heard this, they were horrified. Well, I think they were horrified. It's difficult to tell."

Nobody likes taxes, but they've been around forever. Taxes date back all the way back to the year one, when baby Jesus was visited by two wise men and an IRS agent, who demanded half the family's frankincense."

"Technically, you're not paying taxes. your bank account is being liberated."

The thing generally raised on city land is taxes.

If politicians brains were taxed, they would receive a rebate

Recently I was approached by a politician who had  thought I turned comedian. “ So you are a comedian,  huh,  Tell  Me  a  Joke”  he  said   sarcastically. I replied, “So you are a politician, Tell me a Lie.”

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day Commercial

Happy Fathers Day 2014- I am thankful for the many excellent fathers out there and the many who challenge us to do better.  I certainly never have  been the perfect father- but I do enjoy the many messages and sermons I hear this time of year and the many role models I had/have. I look forward to hearing our pastor this morning. I have shared many of my favorite videos on fathers this past week- It does not matter what my father was or was not- he was good and faithful- not perfect, but that is all God expect of us fathers. And with God's help and the Bible, we can set the example he set  for us to follow.
What is a Father?
A father is a thing that is forced to endure childbirth, without an anesthetic.
A father is a thing that growls when it feels good–and laughs loud when it’s scared half to death.
A father never feels entirely worthy of worship in his child’s eyes. He never is quite the hero his daughter thinks, never quite the man his son believes him to be. This worries him, sometimes, so he works too hard to try and smooth the rough places in the road for those of his own who will follow him.
A father is a thing that gets very angry when school grades aren’t as good as he thinks they should be. He scolds his son although he knows it’s the teacher’s fault.
Fathers grow old faster than other people. And while mothers can cry where it shows, fathers stand there and beam outside–and die inside. Fathers have very stout hearts, so they have to be broken sometimes or no one would know what is inside. Fathers give daughters away to other men who aren’t nearly good enough so they can have grandchildren who are smarter than anybody’s. Fathers fight dragons almost daily. They hurry away from the breakfast table, off to the arena which is sometimes called an office or a workshop - where they tackle the dragon with three heads: Weariness, Work and Monotony.
Knights in shining armor.
Fathers make bets with insurance companies about who will live the longest. Though they know the odds, they keep right on betting. Even as the odds get higher and higher, they keep right on betting more and more.
And one day they lose.
But fathers enjoy an earthly immortality and the bet is paid off to the part of him he leaves behind.
I don’t know where fathers go when they die. But I have an idea that after a good rest, he won’t be happy unless there is work to do. He won’t just sit on a cloud and wait for the girl he’s loved and the children she bore. He’ll be busy there, too - oiling the gates, smoothing the way.

The little girl was sitting in her grandfather's lap as he read her a story. From time to time, she would take her eye's off the book and reach up to touch his wrinkled cheek. By and by she was alternately stroking her own cheek, then his again.
Finally she spoke, "Granddaddy, did God make you?"
"Yes, sweetheart" he answered, "God made me a long time ago."
"Oh she said," then "Granddaddy, did God make me too?"
"Yes, indeed honey" he assured her. "God made you just a little while ago."
"Oh" she said. Feeling their respective faces again, she observed, "God's getting better at it now isn't he?"

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I am Second- Alex Kendrick

I hope you have seen the movies Flywheel, Facing the Giant, Fireproof-and Courageous- if not, I encourage you to rent them.  All are very top notch father movies- movies that entertain you but also serve a purpose to make you a better person and promote good values. I am not a big movie fan as I usually feel I wasted my time, or they leave me feeling worse than I started with, values I do not agree with and the winner not really winning. Each of these movies improves in quality, and Christian Films have come a long way from the ones I grew up with. (I inherited my dads movie projector and have several of his black and white Christian films.) Thank you Alex Kendrick for using your talents and producing movies worth watching. My dad knew the impact of Christian films and I know he would have loved the quality of these movies. God has given you a specific talent and purpose- don't compare yourself to others, use your talent. 
Flywheel (2003)
Filming for Flywheel began in November 2002 and continued through 2003. The film was shot digitally to avoid film processing expenses. The filmmakers set a budget of $20,000 for production costs, and used church members as the cast and production crew. It was released in 3 theaters on April 9, 2003, ultimately grossing over $37,000, and a director's cut DVD was released on November 13, 2007. The DVD has sold over 600,000 units. It won awards at several film festivals.

Jay Austin (Alex Kendrick) is a car salesman who consistently cheats his customers. Austin teaches his employee, Bernie Meyers (Tracy Goode), to do likewise, while in the meantime his relationship with his wife and son deteriorates. Austin eventually realizes that what he is doing is wrong and decides to change his business practices and become a Christian. However, he is now thousands of dollars in debt and the bank is about to confiscate the business. Austin decides to put his trust in God for the situation. After God provides customers to pull Austin out of the debt in the very last minute, Austin is challenged with the hard decision to honor God by apologizing and returning money to the customers he cheated.

 Facing the Giants (2006)
Grant Taylor encouraging his football team in-game.Facing the Giants was shot on high definition digital video tape and transferred to film. Using real high school football teams, the football action sequences were shot by the film's director of photography, Bob Scott, who is a veteran cinematographer for NFL Films. Another NFL Films technician, Rob Whitehurst, recorded the movie's sound. The film was shot for $100,000 and released to 441 theaters in 2006. It grossed over $10,000,000 at the box office and was released to DVD in early 2007 and made its television debut on September 21, 2008, on Trinity Broadcasting Network. The DVD has sold 2.5 million units.

Facing the Giants is the story of Grant Taylor, a high school football coach with a mediocre record. He is in danger of being fired, his car is breaking down, and he discovers that he is the reason that his wife Brooke cannot have children. In order to find a solution to these problems, he prays to God for help. Taylor begins a new coaching philosophy and decides to praise God after each game, no matter the result.

Fireproof (2008)
Caleb Holt yelling at his wife, Catherine.Fireproof stars Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea and Ken Bevel. It was released on DVD on January 27, 2009 on a budget of $500,000. The film received success at the box office, becoming a surprise hit, debuting at #4 and becoming the highest-grossing independent film of 2008 (with over $33,000,000).[4] It received awards from evangelical Christian organizations, including the Best Feature Film award at the 2009 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

Fireproof is the story of firefighter Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) who lives by the old firefighter's adage: Never leave your partner behind. However, his relationship with his wife Catherine (Erin Bethea) is failing. As they prepare to file for divorce, Caleb's father challenges his son to commit to The Love Dare. Caleb starts it, and soon discovers the book’s daily challenges are tied into his parents' newfound faith. When his father tells him that this is the love God shows to people, Caleb makes a life-changing commitment to love God. And, with God's help, Caleb begins to understand what it means to truly love his wife.

Courageous (2011)
Courageous' logo.Sherwood Pictures' fourth film is titled Courageous, and was released on September 30, 2011. The title and plot of Courageous were announced on November 15, 2009.[5] Sherwood Pictures stated that "After much prayer, creative brainstorming, more prayer, wise counsel, and still more prayer, Sherwood Pictures is ready to move ahead with their fourth motion picture."[6]

The Kendrick brothers completed the script at the end of 2009.[7][8] Ken Bevel, who starred in Fireproof, stars in Courageous. Alex Kendrick also stars in Courageous. Casting was completed in early 2010, and filming took place from April 26 – June 25, 2010.[9][10] Co-producer and co-writer Stephen Kendrick stated that "The film's desire is for men to leave the theater making the decision that Joshua made when he declared, 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".[11]

Courageous opened at #4 in the box office, beating out all other Hollywood movies also debuting that weekend.[12] Through November 2, 2011, Courageous grossed over $28 million in theaters, and as of January 8, 2012 grossed a Domestic Total of $34,311,609. [13]
Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.

Speaking to Single Fathers with Daughters: "Stop Complaining about how hard it is to find a good woman and focus more on raising a good woman"

Never humiliate a father in front of his child. A child's hero is his father.

Enjoy the time with your children and grandchildren. Wow, you turn around twice and they are 18.

Friday, June 13, 2014


No one can replace a Dad. As much as I enjoy being a Grandpa- Dads are so important and part of Gods plan for family. I would like to salute Dads today- I know Fathers Day is not till Sunday- but I think of not only my father who is in Heaven now- but so many other men who I learned so much from by their lives and example they lived. Dads- you matter so much- Happy Fathers Day!

A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be

My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say,
"You're tearing up the grass." "We're not raising grass," Dad would reply. "We're raising
boys."  Harmon Killebrew
A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.
"Train up a child in the way which he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it"
 Proverbs 22:6

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dad's Can't

This week has me thinking of fathers. I wish Dads could see the video called Courageous. I am thankful for those ministries that walk along Dads and encourage us on like Focus on the Family, Family Life, and Dr. Dobson.  Someone sent me the email below about fathers, from his daughter.  I cannot thank my Dad today- I look forward to seeing him in Heaven- but Dads- Maybe you can still  tell your Dad you love him still before it is too late? You can't give up- Ask God to help you- someone  important is counting on you and needs you. Happy Fathers Day
At age 8, your dad buys you an ice cream. You thanked him by dripping it all over his lap.
When you were 9 years old, he paid for piano lessons. You thanked him by never even bothering to practice.
When you were 10 years old he drove you all day, from soccer to football to one birthday party after another. You thanked him by jumping out of the car and never looking back.
When you were 11 years old, he took you and your friends to the movies. You thanked him by asking to sit in a different row.
When you were 12 years old, he warned you not to watch certain TV shows. You thanked him by waiting until he left the house.
When you were 13, he suggested a haircut that was in fashion. You thanked him by telling him he had no taste.
When you were 14, he paid for a month away at summer camp. You thanked him by forgetting to write a single letter.
When you were 15, he came home from work, looking for a hug. You thanked him by having your bedroom door locked.
When you were 16, he taught you how to drive his car. You thanked him by taking it every chance you could.
When you were 17, he was expecting an important call. You thanked him by being on the phone all night.
When you were 18, he cried at your high school graduation. You thanked him by staying out partying until dawn.
When you were 19, he paid for your college tuition, drove you to campus carried your bags. You thanked him by saying good-bye outside the dorm so you wouldn't be embarrassed in front of your friends.
When you were 25, he helped to pay for your wedding, and he told you how deep he loved you. You thanked him by moving halfway across the country.
When you were 50, he fell ill and needed you to take care of him . You thanked him by reading about the burden parents become to their children.
And then, one day, he quietly died. And everything you never did came crashing down like thunder on Your Heart.

Dear Dad,
$chool i$ really great. I am making lot$ of friend$ and $tudying very hard. With all my $tuff, I $imply can't think of anything I need, $o if you would like, you can ju$t $end me a card, a$ I would love to hear from you.
Your $on

The Reply:
Dear Son,
I kNOw that astroNOmy, ecoNOmics, and oceaNOgraphy are eNOugh to keep even an hoNOr student busy. Do NOt forget that the pursuit of kNOwledge is a NOble task, and you can never study eNOugh.

A father was at the beach with his children when his four-year-old son Bob ran up to him, grabbed his hand, and led him to the shore, where a seagull lay dead in the sand.
"Daddy, what happened to him?" Bob asked. "He died and went to Heaven," the dad replied.
Bob thought a moment and then said, "Did God throw him back down?"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dick and Rick Hoyt

I have been blessed to have so many positive role models in my life- many have passed on, and I cannot thank them today. Someone asked Billy Graham recently what he would do differently in his life, his answer, “spend more time with my family, and study more and preach less”. He is one of my heroes. Many of my heroes are men I personally know, christian men, and have watched their lives.  I would like to share a video of a father/son team who have inspired so many people- it’s sad that people like this do not sell newspapers and sad that our children do not see examples like this everyday on the news. They are out there- they just do not make the news. Even sadder is those how choose to abort a child because something could be wrong with them?  Someone said; The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. Our youth are looking for someone to look up to- Don’t blow it- Be Committed. Happy Fathers Day

Did you do something of value today?

Written by Dennis Rainey                                     

Just one day can make the difference in a life wasted and one that leaves a legacy that will outlive us all.

Driving home one night after work I switched on the radio to catch the news. In an uncharacteristic moment of sincerity, the disc jockey made a statement that sliced through the fog of fatigue I felt from the day: “I hope you did something of value today. You wasted a whole day if you didn’t.”
His statement struck me abruptly. Maybe it was because I had just spent most of the day solving some of the problems of a growing ministry. Fortunately that day, I felt pretty good about how I had invested my time.
Or perhaps it was because of where I was heading. In 10 minutes I would be home where one lovely lady and six pairs of beady little eyes would want and need my attention.
Would I do something of value with them tonight?
It’s just one night, and besides, I’m exhausted, I thought. Then I pondered how one night added to another, 365 times, adds up to a year. The nights and the years seem to be passing with an increasing velocity.
“I hope you did something of value today. You wasted a whole day if you didn’t.” It echoed in my thoughts as I drove through the darkness.
Five minutes more and I’d be home.
I’ll bet there are other men like me who are really tired right now, I thought. I wondered how they would respond to the question if they heard it.
A moment of pride struck me. I bet I do better than average with my kids, I smugly concluded.
Another thought lingered in my mind: Did God call me to be merely a better-than-average husband and father? Or to be obedient and to excel?
Living above average
To be better than average, all you have to do is beat the masses—a step ahead of the herd, so to speak. Not much challenge there.
But to be obedient and to excel, well, that means I’ve got to be a disciple … deny myself … take up my cross … and obey … even when I’m tired and whipped by the day’s draining events.
Is my audience man or God? Where do I want the applause? Heaven or earth?
One night. What will I accomplish? Will I waste it spending all evening in front of the television?
It’s just one night. Another night to build a legacy. What will my legacy be?
I struggled over the lure of “just” one evening of selfishness—to do my own thing. But what if Barbara had a similar attitude? Then who would carry the baton?
What kind of heritage and legacy would I impart? Selfishness? Or selflessness?
One minute, and I’ll be home.
Just one night, Lord. It’s just one night. And then the same angel that wrestled Jacob to the ground pinned me with a half nelson as I drove into the garage.
Okay, okay. I give. You’ve got me. Being a Christian parent is not always easy in this narcissistic culture.
Just one night
As the kids surrounded my car like a band of banshees whooping and screaming, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” I was glad on this night I had made the right choice.
At supper, rather than just grazing our way through the groceries, we spent a few moments on nostalgia. All of us answered the question: What was the favorite thing we did as a family this past year?
And after supper I gave the kids three choices of what kind of memory they would like to make for that night:
1. Play Monopoly together as a family,
2. Read a good book together quietly, or
3. Wrestle on the living room floor together.
Which do you think they chose?
Three little sumo wrestlers grabbed my legs as they began to drag me into the living room. Dad was pinned by the kids. Mom was tickled by Dad. And kids went flying through the air (literally) for the next hour. Our 10-month-old even got in on the act by bouncing on me after she had observed the other kids in action.
Do my kids remember that night? Maybe, but I doubt it. We didn’t break anything to make it memorable.
Did they know I had struggled in the car? No.
Did I do something of value that night? You bet!
I did my best that night and on the many nights that followed while my kids were growing up to leave, with God’s help, a legacy that counts. A legacy that will outlive me.
If you struggle with priorities as I do, then you might want to commit these verses from Ephesians to memory: “Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is” (5:15-17). I’m convinced none of us intends to become the fool Paul wrote about. It just happens.
“I hope you did something of value today. You wasted a whole day if you didn’t.”
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