Monday, January 30, 2017

Wind Beneath My Wings

It has been a good winter- although we probably have one more month till we change schedules- I made this video to remind you of the hard work winter maintenance workers. I am thinking of the Utah worker with 23 years of experience who was forced off a 300 foot embankment by a truck.  Tomorrow I say goodbye to Adam who leaves to work for the city of Wenatchee-(for more money) what a great worker ! I miss the other Adam who is filling in up at Stevens Pass- another great worker and who will be still working probably into March up there? I want to thank the drivers who looked out for us, who gave us some room, and slowed down and were patient with us. Thanks to the temporary winter drivers who stepped up and me it look easy when so many things could have gone wrong. And we have some of the greatest bosses- they give us some good equipment and make safety a priority. I can say to so many- You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings.
This is an excellent video by Utah DOT telling of a snow plow accident last month- the driver is probably still recovering as I post this- the accident did not need to happen. (I wanted to make this part of my video above, but could not figure out how to make it happen.) An extra big shout out of thanks to the 98% of drivers who look out for us, give us extra room, and even wait for us to turn around or stay behind us when it is snowing and slippery out.
Here is an accident just last month on Hwy 97 near Goldendale- again- did not need to happen- someone did not slow down-