Thursday, March 24, 2016

Douglas County Commissioner #1 Race (God In This City)

May is the filing period for Douglas County Commissioner#1- no one has filed yet, but Three people other than myself are wanting to run.  16 years ago I chose not to run because of the news article posted below, that appeared could be a negative campaign by the other candidate. Ken has done a good job for 16 years and has chose not to run.  I welcome others to run for this same office- we can learn from the ideas each has, and each brings a different experience to the table. And if I find someone more conservative than myself, I may even vote for him. I want to focus on the issues instead of mudslinging. I certainly know there are two sides to every issue, there may be some issues I have no choice on, and there may be some issues some may disagree with me on- but I will listen and earn the trust of Douglas County Residents. I simply want your vote- not your campaign contributions. I want to be open to both sides and be accused of being bought.  When told I had to have a platform- I chose a  posting from my College Resident Assistant from his facebook, as my goal I would strive for; 
"Find me a CANDIDATE that;
won't lie, won't murder innocent humans, won't covet his/her neighbor's stuff, honors his/her parents in word and deed, will not use God's name meaninglessly, does not bow his/her head to a created object being or ideology, not try to please multiple Gods, not sexually active out side of his/her Biblical marriage, will not take other people's stuff without permission and takes time weekly to worship the one true God because he/she loves Him with all their heart soul strength and mind and loves the people more than they do themselves.
Now that is a candidate worth listening to, for me anyway."

This was one of my signs from l6 years ago- It survived a house fire, but has some water damage. I have not decided about Campaign signs- but I do want to run a campaign without outside contributions. I have not accepted any funds in the past- why start now? I want to listen and not be already bought. The following posts from Wenatchee World show you where I stood- they tell you more than any promises any candidate can make- "my record."

This is a news article from June 29th, 2000. I stepped down from City council, 4 years ago after serving 22.5 years. April marks our 42nd wedding anniversary to same woman.  I have worked for the state for 31 years; for both WUTC as a peace officer and WSDOT in Striping and in Maintenance. My wife and I graduated from Coulee Dam in 1973. Our first home was in Douglas County where our first child was born.. We later returned to Douglas County in 1987.  I certainly do not have any axes to grind- we just can do better. We seem more concerned about bike lanes than adding traffic lanes for growth. We have forgotten the goal of a 4 lane to freeway- in fact name the amount of new 4 lane roads in Douglas county in past 10 years? I would be happy to at least have 4 lanes from Orondo to Rock Island in next couple years- instead we are wasting those funds on roudabouts for intersections that are already working fine and to be torn out? Why?
I was instrumental in getting the utility tax rolled back as above.
I tried 3at least  times before this, as in article below.  I keep hearing support for a high usage fee on Electricity- what not impose a high usage fee on importation of garbage and lower local taxes? We charge a 6% fee on people visiting our motels- but no tax on garbage trucked in to fill out landfill? what happens when it is full? The Entiat Transfer site is a diversionary tactic- while they bring in more and really want a station in Rock Island off railroad line from Seattle and no one cares what happens when the landfill is full and we have to ship it outside ourselves at a higher rate than now.
I have been told that we can never have too much TAXES? I have been told my job is to spend the taxes? I have been told by others elected leaders make decisions right or wrong?? Sorry- there are some confused people out there- some are in office too, sadly. We need to do what is right, make smart decisions, live within our means and be accountable to our citizens. Any extra money should be returned to our people. No wonder politicians are not trusted.
Douglas county employees are doing a good job and I want to keep a low turnover rate- why train them and have them move on if they are doing a good job? they deserve to be paid fairly and equally to what others in area do for same job. I want to listen but also feel my experience with WSDOT in highway maintenance and my WUTC experience will be helpful. I have worked with many elected and employees already in my 22.5 years on East Wenatchee City Council. I have served on LINK, SWAC, NCR Transportation Council,  Budget committees, and on other government committees.
That is actually Jan Nash breaking ground on new city hall that was built with room to expand.  Please let me know any questions if you have or cannot read the small print on news articles. I have labeled this as Douglas County Commissioner and hope to file future updates on this campaign here. Feel free to comment below or message me on facebook or via email. Some of the older posts are filed under this label to show you how I voted for felt on key issues in the past- that is only fair. If you want to read any of my other labels- you can see my interests and life I live. I started this blog May 8th,2009 and try to keep it under 800 total blogs.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Look For Me At Jesus' Feet

Bob Adams is home- I miss him. Bob was a hero to me that I looked up to.  He served on EW planning commission, ran for Douglas county commissioner, was active in Home Builders Association, the EW chamber, and was one of the best concrete finishers. We served on the Church board together and went on a Costa Rica Missons Trip together. I could always depend on him and trust him- his faith never waivered- he never let me down. I sat under his teaching. He lived what he believed. You could see he loved his wife, daughters and our church. We ate many meals together at Eastmont Lanes, Country Inn and at church. We cruised to Alaska together in May of 2007. We attended many senior events together.  He encouraged me. He prayed for me. He believed in me.  I should make a video just of Bob- but I wanted to share this video I made last year of friends who have gone on ahead- he is rejoicing around the throne with many of them.  Some of those people, he led to the Lord.  Bob is rejoicing in Heaven, not because he was good, but because he accepted Jesus as his savior. He finished his race, we will see him in Heaven. I added a few photos to the song sung by the Booth Brothers called Look For Me At Jesus' Feet. I pray we can follow his lead and can meet him when our race is over at the Feet of Jesus. Well done  Bob....See you on the other side. 

          we sailed to Alaska in May of 2007- here Bob is studying the Bible, while we played phase 10
Pastor Bob Adams
East Wenatchee, WA
Pastor Bob Adams, 75, of East Wenatchee, WA, went home to be with the Lord on
March 9, 2016. He was an amazing husband to Marge, loving father to Julie and
Vickiey; a strong brother and fun grandpa to Adam, Roman, and Amanda, and a
tender uncle to many nieces and nephews. Pastor Bob and Marge owned Adams
Construction for many years and continued to do so until retirement. However,
he never hesitated to help a fellow friend consult on their building endeavor.
Every minute he lived was lived for the Lord: teaching and sharing God’s word
was his passion.
A Celebration of Pastor Bob’s Life will take place at Wenatchee First Assembly
on March 15, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to
Royal Family Kids Camp. Arrangements are by Telford’s Chapel of the Valley,
East Wenatchee.