Friday, June 17, 2016

Transgender Confusion

Dr. Robert Jeffress addresses the issue of Transgender Confusion quite well- I urge you to listen to the video clip. This entire issue has gone too far- Liberals say we do not look at science when we make decisions- how much more science can you have to say you are either a male or a female? Its been that way for years- why the need to change it for a few people who need help? In our state it was not even passed by our Governor- rather some unelected state workers, who cannot endorse or oppose legislation without violating state ethics laws unless they are elected- so how did it get this far? . To Say "I feel like something" does not make it so as much as one would like- I may feel like a policeman today, a millionaire,  or I feel like a Veteran- does that allow me to receive Veteran benefits? Can I use handicap parking spaces if I feel like I am handicap today and no other proof?  If I can change my sex by my beliefs that day, why can the state require me to post my sex on my drivers lic. and other documents? And the federal government cannot tell states how to run- like Obama is forcing us to do with the same sex bathroom issue. I bet I cannot use the same bathroom he uses, let alone with his wife or daughters. Do we have a double standard again?

Answering Parents' Questions on Gender Confusion in Children
At the news of every child's birth, what is the first question we ask about the baby — even before we ask if the baby is healthy? We want to know if it's a boy or girl!
Knowing the sex of the child is the first way we seek to connect with and understand the new human being. To be human is to be gendered — male or female. And one of the most important jobs of a parent is to help their children develop as healthy boys or girls and into strong, confident men and women.
Here are answers to some of the biggest questions parents have about gender issues with their children:
Is it normal and healthy for young children to participate in cross-sex behavior?
Of course! The whole world of a child is exploration. The role of the parent is to make sure their children explore and learn about their world in safe and directed ways. My son has four sisters, and when he was very small he loved to play dress up with his sisters, even in their own dresses and sparkly shoes. This is fine at 2 years old. Not so much at 8 years old! It is important for parents to not overreact to such behavior but to slowly guide it in gender-proper directions. That is how kids learn.
Remember, most little boys and girls have never been men or women before, and they need both mother and father to show them what being one is like, as well as what it is not!
Is "tomboy" behavior in girls just as concerning as "sissy-girl" behavior in boys?
There are important differences here. Tomboy behavior in girls is more prevalent and often more short-lived than distinct feminine behavior in boys. It is more important for parents to lovingly, calmly but confidently steer fem-boys into more masculine directions. Make sure you find masculine things your boy is interested and can find identification in. All boys need to be intentionally welcomed into the world of men, and both mother and father play a key role here. Girls, likewise, need to be introduced into the world of women.
It is also important for parents to recognize that "tomboy" girls are much less likely to be teased for various reasons than "sissy" boys. Of course, teasing is always wrong, but parents must be aware of what things are more likely to attract harsh teasing and steer their children away from it.
What about boys or girls who display strong cross-sex behavior in pre-adolescence?
There are some children who, as they grow, will demonstrate stronger cross-sex behavior. Some of these boys will be obsessed with mermaids, frilly girl things and long hair. It is important for parents and extended family to look not just at the child, but the family system itself. Such behavior is typically a curious indicator of deeper problems within the family.
Dr. Kenneth Zucker, one of the world's leading authorities on gender confusion in children, calls this dynamic "family noise" which he explains as unhealthy relationships between mother and father, parents and child, as well as sibling to sibling. He says allowing a boy to live as a girl might solve the immediate anxiety of such a child, but it would ignore the larger problem driving such desire, and it fails to serve the child and the family.
Is it true that cross-sex behavior and transgenderism in children have a biological root in the brain?
In a word, no!
New developments in brain research indicate that the human brain develops with distinct male and female characteristics, but there is no data showing this drives cross-gender behavior.
  • A 2014 book for clinicians, Treating Transgender Children and Adolescents, explains, in academic parlance, "No unequivocal etiological factor [i.e. causal root] determining atypical gender development has been found to date." Translation: We're just not sure what causes it.
    These Dutch authors explain that both brain and genetic factors could be contributors to gender dysphoria, but caution "this research is still very limited and the findings are sometimes inconsistent." Although, "With the current state of knowledge, it remains most plausible that a complex interaction between a biological disposition in combination with intra- and interpersonal factors" are contributors."1
  • Dr. Zucker explains, "Gender dysphoria (confusion) is increasingly understood [by some]…as having biological origins [in] small parts of the brain. In terms of empirical data, this is not true. It is just dogma." 2
  • Professor Eric Vilain, a UCLA geneticist specializing in sexual development, recently explained to the Atlantic Monthly that, "there is no evidence of biological influence on transsexualism yet." If we ever do find some hard-wired biological component for gender identity, he says, "my hunch is, it's going to be mild."3 He indicates that family factors play a key role.
What is the best course for helping children who are gender confused?
It should be remembered that very few children who demonstrate gender confused behavior continue to do so in their later teen years or early adulthood. Most grow out of it and learn to live well in their masculinity or femininity. This fact also speaks against a biological foundation.
It is critical that both mother and father work together to provide loving but intentional direction. For boys, the mother should be the one to "push" the child from feminine behavior, and the father should "pull" the boy toward more masculine play and interests. One of the worst things is for dad to "shame" the boy for girl-like behavior. He should always work to welcome his son into the curious world of men. That is how healthy masculine identity happens.
Harvard professor Jerome Kagan has spent 4 decades studying such children and he finds that parenting style is critical for helping children move out of gender confusion. Kagan says parents who are particularly affirming of their children's cross-sex identification ultimately have the worst outcomes in child health and well-being.4
With children showing opposite-sex tendencies, mothers should deeply and carefully guard against overprotection and coddling, while fathers should guard against shaming and nagging. Again, mothers should become the pushers away from gender-discordant behavior and fathers the gentle pullers toward healthy gender-aligned attitudes and behaviors.
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 "We don't want you to add gender expression to your policy," he told board members. "Because by its very nature it discriminates against students whose views are formed by facts and by faith."

There were warnings that children will come to school in their gym clothes to avoid using the locker room, or that the bullying experienced by transgender students will worsen.

"Let's just cut through it all, all political correctness," said Jonas Alday of the Crossing church.
"As soon as something like this goes into place, every heterosexual male is going to claim to be transgender. I've been raised around football players and athletes, and that's just going to happen."

A Messianic rabbi weighed in as well. "We are called to love everybody," said Steven Weiler of Shoresh David. "But this is not the way to continue, by creating havoc among all the kids."

some explain away God Created male and female by redefining male and female- kinda like changing global warming to Climate Change- if you change the meaning- the list is endless what you can do. They would say Bruce Jenner was not born a man- yet why did it take him over 50 years to discover that and was it a mistake that he was married, had kids, and was a Olympic champion? I certainly do not put down those who are confused- but ignoring their problem is not the answer either- there is help for them

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Still The One

This is my 5th video I made under the Douglas County Commissioner race- they are posted on and Take A Chance on Me is the most popular one on, so far- and I appreciate those who shared these videos/blogs as they have not hit NBC or Fox News yet, and are a big part of my advertising budget. Feel free to let me know your favorite or a suggested song.

This is my 19th blog under Douglas County Commissioner label- some are old blogs that show how I dealt with issues when I was a councilman for 23 years. I appreciate other candidates who put down in writing what they will do. The campaign is half over for those who will appear in the August 2nd primary, and I hope we can bring out some real questions and real issues before that date.

I remain committed to pushing for more 4 lanes in Douglas County, by wsdot- I hope you will contact those serving on Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council to make that a priority again, since they greatly influence DOT and where the money goes to. I know DOT will look at public comments on the roundabouts- you need to contact them as well- 667-3000.  I entered the race thinking we were more concerned about roundabouts and bike lanes than we were 4 lanes and no goals to handling increased traffic. I am not against roundabouts- but we need to provide where funds could come from for our ideas as well. It is not a matter of shortage of funds, it is a matter of priorities. I hope those pushing for a state tourism board will share where the money will come from- East Wenatchee already charges an extra 6% tax for those using our motels and my recent booking of a Spokane motel room for one night had almost 30.00 in taxes on a 149.00 bill. And I remain concerned that our landfill is filling up faster than projected with importation of garbage- that is about the only tax I would support without a vote f the people- we already tax cigarettes higher than normal, as do we motels, and the city also taxes cell phones and electricity higher than normal-so why not a tax on importation of garbage? I support Commissioner Jenkins concern over Marijuana issues in Bridgeport, and the lack of state to either share revenue, police their laws, or honor our local laws. I have seen too many accidents caused by impairment, and I need not remind you it is not legal at federal level, and actually it never had a majority of passage votes in Douglas County. I realize most candidates will dance around this issue- and my honesty could cost me some votes.

I have had fun doing this and take this very seriously. I use jokes from my Political Humor Book to post under comments to keep this from getting too serious, to make a point occasionally, and to bring that post up again for those who missed it.

I promised to live within the budget given me if elected, and am trying to do the same with my campaign budget. I strongly believe in openness and communication- in the past I would answer to "how are things in City," to;  "as for what I know, they are going good, it is the things I do not know that worry me......" One person asked if I supported growth at North End- of coarse I do- but I have mixed feelings about county buying up property and putting in roundabouts with taxpayers paying for development costs- we need to let business do that, and the laws all be equally and fairly applied to all. Realtors are paid to work with other property owners if needed. One person accused commissioners lying, and of not giving her special grandfathered in treatment of a law passed- If you are against a law, don't fight only for yourself- change the law for all. I hope we can all treat each other how we would want to be treated- even after this race is over.  And lastly, thanks for keeping this positive and  a fun race with no name calling or insults. I hope we have the largest voter turnout in Douglas county in November- sadly only 37% turnout in Douglas County for Presidential primary last month. I see many opportunities and look forward to working with the other two commissioners. I think my past experience in transportation and government can provide some balance.
Here is an article from 13 years ago- I challenge other candidates to show where they stood on issues in past and how they will vote on tax increases once elected. (Some were pushing for sales tax increase and some think the sales tax should be lowered to bring in business and now that the arena issue is basically over) I think the biggest gripe I hear is how politicians change when elected. Find out where your candidate stands on 4 lanes Douglas County, who will pay for a state tourism board, how effective is the port districts per its budget, how they will handle importation of garbage to landfill from west side, and reporting of county asset land to state. And I sure welcome answers on how to stop overburdening permitting that is shutting down business. Sadly, many of those permits are at federal and state levels- I can only deal with county levels.
I hope no one is offended of the political jokes I post on facebook- This is an old article about the 7 joke books I used to produce. I have a few left that are used to finance my campaign; as I hate to beg for money and I do not want to be bought by any group/persons.
Earlier in article I mentioned openness and honesty and how sometimes I am last to know- here is how I handled an issue years ago per the eyes of a reporter.