Saturday, August 13, 2016

This Land Is Your Land

In mid Sept. of 1971- our family moved from Fife to Coulee Dam. I finished high school there. 1971 was also the year Coulee Dam and Grand Coulee high schools consolidated. Last Weekend, Coulee Dam had a 50 year reunion- classes 1938 to 1975 were invited- with about 500 registering. Janice was a 12 year veteran of that school- I was a 2 year.  I added some photos of that reunion, to a old song sung by Peter, Paul and Mary- called This land Is Your Land. (Woody Guthrie and Mary have both passed on) That song came out in 1962 by them, but was written by Woody Guthrie who also wrote Big Grand Coulee Dam and Roll on Columbia back in the 40's. In fact, the government paid him to write Big Grand Coulee Dam. Well- I sure welcome any checks for this video- but I hope it brings back memories for you. I also thank those who attended, and allowed me to use  their photos- it was a great weekend and I made some new friends.
Bert Smith posted this I could not say it better; (copy and pasted below)
Bert Smith Norman, OK
To our Classmates and the GCD Community:
The Coulee Dam All Class Reunion Committee and I would like to thank the Grand Coulee Dam area businesses and residents for hosting our “All Class Reunion” the weekend of August 5-7, 2016. Something very special and almost magical happened that weekend as 500 former classmates and teachers visited your small-Town high school gym, where many memories were made growing up as young children and teenagers. I saw many tears of joy, many hugs from the heart, and many unending smiles from our classmates as they greeted their fellow classmates, many not having been seen in 40, 50, and even 60 years or more. I saw classmates visiting the churches they were baptized in, married in, and had life celebrations in, rekindling old and lost, sometimes sad and sometimes joyful, memories. I saw classmates fondly remembering those that were unable to attend and those that have left us, some with tears, and some with joy, but always smiles. I saw classmates walking on the streets of your Town and by the homes they grew up in, wondering who lived in them now, and what they looked like inside. I saw classmates visiting Cole Park, the Mulberry tree, the old Columbia School, Spring Canyon, and the Sand Pile, reliving days when life was so simple and carefree. I saw classmates at Spring Canyon Cemetery respectfully remembering those family members and friends no longer with us. I saw classmates forgetting about life stresses and politics for 3 short days, just remembering and reliving their childhood and school days. But, most importantly, what I saw were classmates that were molded and educated in your small Town become highly successful citizens, fathers, mothers, grandparents, veterans, ministers, educators, and life role models for many. What a special place it was growing up.
So THANK YOU to the GCD area businesses, where over 40 businesses donated funds and gifts that helped make this reunion successful. A special thank you to the Grand Coulee Dam School District and Rich Black, Harvest Foods, the Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union, the Coulee Dam and Grand Coulee Fire Departments, the Star Newspaper and Scott Hunter, La Presa, Pepper Jacks, Longhorn Barbeque, Safeway, Taylor Enterprises, Christman’s High Dam Tavern, the Coulee Dam Community Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Hometown Hooligans (our awesome band), the National Park Service, and the rest of our business and classmate sponsors. A very heartfelt thank you to our reunion committee, especially Linda and Danny Zlateff (my diamonds of your community), Duane Casto, Lynn and Anne Wheeler, Jane and Dennis Lynch, Jody Lynch, and Joann Turner. Thanks to those that participated in reunion activities or helped set up and break down the venue: Tim Lynch, Ed Lynch, Dennis Lynch, Dale Rey, Mike Zowada, Glenna Whitelaw, Jay Rawley, Ed Powell, Stan St. Jeor, Sandy and Dave Everett, Richard Avey, Don McClure, Lori and Dave Maxwell, Ed and Cheryl Moore, Bard and Colleen Long, Karen Morley, Paul Dailey, Randy Bowman, Steve Knighten, Janice Brown Moss, Donnie and Jamie Stone, Connie Seekins Allen, Ray Gilman, Rick Luiten (our awesome photographer), others we may have missed, and to those that helped with finding classmates. Thank you to the many classmates that have posted pictures and video on Facebook for those to see that could not attend, and especially to Lynn Wheeler for streaming video live on Facebook, it was a huge hit. Lastly, thanks to all of our classmates that attended the reunion, without you, it would not have been successful. We will not let all of our hard work go to waste, we will be setting up a Coulee Dam High School Alumni Association in the near future, with an interactive website.
Thank You Grand Coulee Dam Area!!!
Best Wishes and Go Beavers and Raiders
Bert Smith: Reunion Co-organizer

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dennis Hendricks In 2016

Thank you for voting in primary- out of 19,816 registered voters in Douglas County, 1256 have voted in District 1 so far. I certainly have  no regrets and I cannot say enough good about the candidates who will move on to the November Election. I have got to know them, and so many wonderful people in our community, since announcing I was running on May 24th.  Pat Haley and Dan Sutton both have kept this positive and although I may have my favorite- I will not endorse one over the other- that is up to you in November and not fair of me to suggest otherwise. Both are outstanding candidates, good family men, have high moral standards and integrity, really care about our community, and  have worked very hard to get to move on. They earned it and my hats off to both of them.
This was my first county race- there is some differences from city races or being appointed.  I almost ran 16 years ago against Leslie Emeric and Ken Stanton but failed to file.  I was surprised to receive over 28 emails wanting to spend my campaign money (that I still have not received)- all the way from 2 cent robo calls to billboards and pinwheels.(now that is the field we should  be in to  make money)  Thank you Wenatchee World, KPQ and KOHO for your excellent and fair coverage. I do appreciate those who sat down to study the candidates as well as those who asked our thoughts on issues. Looking back I see many changes since May 24th just in presidential race alone and I am so thankful I have not had to deal with the negativity and threats seen in the news over other races.
I will leave posts up my blog- its been fun and I hope I have challenged others on issues that still need changed- my most popular post  was about roundabouts with 192 hits. My most popular song on was Take A Chance on Me with 88 hits.  I have spent 685.00 for this campaign- only two others in District 1 have spent more than that. I think I have had more signs up than both Trump and Clinton do in District 1. This is my 11lth Blog made for Douglas County Commissioner label. Thank you to those who encouraged me to throw my hat into the ring and believed in me. A moment of thanks to those who inspired me; but who have passed on. Thanks for putting up with my posts- I know many of you are tired of politics. I hope you will continue to hold those in office accountable and even more will Vote in the November Election.  I still feel like a winner- sometimes one can do more without a title,  and some of the important things I want to be remembered for  at my funeral do not require the most votes.
COMMISSIONER DISTRICT #1 County Commissioner 1
CandidateVoteVote %
Pat Haley
(Prefers Republican Party)
Dan Sutton
(Prefers Republican Party)
Dennis Hendricks
(Prefers Republican Party)
Total Votes (not including write-ins)1,256

ok- final vote(8-16-16) posted below- 37% voter turnout and I came in 3rd. I will be voting in election and I may not be qualified to give out advice to those running locally- but "please stay on the issues that you will or will not do" and do not throw knives at your opponent. And do not always believe what you read in the paper- call directly if you have a  question- don't always rely on facebook, paper or the opponent. Be Sure and VOTE- and thanks for keeping this a clean race and on the issues.
COMMISSIONER DISTRICT #1 County Commissioner 1
CandidateVoteVote %
Pat Haley
(Prefers Republican Party)
Dan Sutton
(Prefers Republican Party)
Dennis Hendricks
(Prefers Republican Party)
Total Votes (not including write-ins)2,214

Monday, August 1, 2016

If We Never Meet Again

I regret I am unable to attend Arnie Becks Funeral Tomorrow- I also regret that I did not make time to visit with him while I could- But I do believe I will see him on the other side. Arnie was a Christian. I first met Arnie when we moved to Sawyer, North Dakota on the Hedahl Farm. His parents and he were our neighbors. He would find jobs for me to do- probably to keep me out of his hair- I would tag along in summers whether it be standing next to him on the combine, pulling weeds by hand,  riding skids while they stacked bales, mowing the lawn, counting cattle, or just riding into town. I was able to watch his life. He accepted me and made me feel important. He challenged me. I learned to drive pickup from him,  and he let me drive tractors, I saw how he took care of his cars and equipment, (he kept them looking new and shiney)- I just finished 5th grade when we moved away to Tacoma, Wa- but for several summers he let me come back and work on the farm. As we aged, I loved to stop and visit him- sadly it has been 8 or 9 years since I made it  back there. We never know what an impact we can make on our neighbors lives- I hope he knew what he and his parents had on mine. It is hard getting old- not the aches and pains, but the tears in loosing loved ones who influenced our life. My mother taught us the importance of choosing good friends- perhaps he chose me- I don't know, but he was like a father to me and I look forward to seeing him on the other side. Thanks Arnie for all you did for this kid.
This is where Arnie will be buried tomorrow- next to his folks I am sure. I would help his dad mow this cemetery. This was me on perhaps my last visit to North Dakota.
I started 1st grade in Sawyer- this was me by my parents cars on the Hedahl Farm, which I mowed too. We called her Grandma Hedahl because of how special she was to us, as well. My parents did not have a tv, so I would watch tv at her house or at Becks.
This is from my photo album.(I actually carried it in my wallet photos as you can see be creases) I actually knew Arnie before he was married. Top Right is his family from Christmas a few years ago- we always would share Christmas letters. Bottom right is the farm as I knew it- later this house would be moved and they built a new on in its place. The farm was known for its red roofs and white buildings.
This was the photo from his obituary- Its going to be interesting in Heaven what our loved ones will look like- I know we will recognize them- just not sure what age. I was telling my SS class that  once- that we would recognize our loved ones, and implying maybe babies could be grown up?  One 4th or 5th grade kid raised his hand and asked "what about the ones who had sex changes"-- he stumped me on that one, and I told him to ask Pastor Jerry as I did not have an answer. (and I quit teaching a few years later)

Arnold Beck  
Arnold David Beck, 84, Minot and longtime Sawyer area farmer and rancher died on Thursday in a Minot hospital.
Arnold was born on August 14, 1931 on the family farm near Sawyer to David and Louisa (Heizelman) Beck. He was raised on the farm and attended school in Sawyer.  As a young adult he assisted his father with the operation of the family farm which was in Sawyer Township of Ward County 6.5 miles southwest of Sawyer.
Arnold assumed ownership of the farm/ranch in 1965 and resided 3.5 miles southwest of Sawyer on Beck’s Polled Hereford Farm. He raised small grains and Registered Polled Hereford Cattle since 1958.  Also, he was employed by Don Bessette Motors driving cars throughout the U.S.  He retired in 1991 and moved to Minot.
Arnold was a member, usher and volunteer of First Assembly of God and member and director for six years of the ND Polled Hereford Association.  He was a former member of the ND Stockmen’s Association, NRA, and former member and trustee of the Mennonite Brethren Church - Sawyer.  He especially enjoyed collecting cars, toys and wildlife items; watching basketball and playing basketball with his sons as well as trapping for 50+ years, bowling for 20+ years, ice fishing and hunting.  Arnold always had two new Chevy cars  (one to drive and one to polish).  Also, he was avid collector of John Deere and Chevy die casts and guns.
Arnold is survived by his sons: Bruce Beck of Mandan and Bryce (Terri) Beck and Bryant (Megan) Beck all of Minot; grandchildren:  Sydney, Skylar, Skotti, Shawnteya and Alexia Beck and Kesha Haugan (Blake Prado); great grandchild: Jetleigh Prado; sister: Luella Barke of Minot and several nieces, nephews and cousins.
Arnold was preceded in death by his parents and brother-in-law:  Howard Barke.
Celebration of the Life of Arnold Beck:  Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. in First Assembly of God - Minot.
Graveside Service:  Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Mennonite Brethren Cemetery - rural Sawyer.
Visitation:  Monday from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. in Thomas Family Funeral Home - Minot.
Memorials are preferred to First Assembly of God or the Bible Fellowship Church for the Mennonite Brethren Cemetery - rural Sawyer.