Monday, April 25, 2016

Squares Make the World Go Around-(County Commissioner)

Thank you Steve Hair for having me on your 1pm show last Friday and airing my views this afternoon.  Please let me expand on that show and answer his other question.

First of all- I bet you do not know now many 4 lane roads are in Douglas County? Try a total of 5.4  four lanes in Douglas County!  Specifically- 3.9 Grant road, .46 valley mall parkway, .15  at 9th/28, .7 on 2/97 olds bridge and .2 on 285 Sellar bridge. I bring this up, as the transportation council determines where most of our local transportation funds go.  I am concerned they are not asking enough tough questions, and bike lanes and roundabouts seem more important than 4 lanes by some engineers.

Douglas County is doing a good job on roads and maintenance. Some of their roads are smoother than state roads and the gravel roads are well maintained. The Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council decides where road funds are spend locally and I hope to sit on that committee. I feel my experience with WSDOT and my CDL Truck Driving experience can provide some insight that is lacking now. We do not have a shortage of transportation funds, we have a shortage of wise decisions.

The big issue is not enough 4 lanes- we are more concerned about bike lanes- why does county need two white lines for a bike lane and why was that not 4 lanes installed to Fancher Heights?  Bikes can legally use a traffic lane without signage telling you that? The Bike lanes give a false security to bikers for safety and I would try to give 4 feet of shoulder past white lines whenever possible as the state does.  I am not anti bike- I supported the building the trail system.

This area will grow and it is not completion with Chelan county, rather would help them as well if we had 4 lanes from Orondo to Quincy as their lanes are overcrowded already and these roads take several years to plan and build.

Why do we not have 4 lanes from Orondo to Rock Island- it is part of urban growth boundary and many accidents on that section-including several fatalities. It is also part of District 1. I hope this discussion extends to the state governor, state senate and state representative races. If another candidate can get this built faster than I can-then let him speak up and maybe I will vote for him.
I supported 4 lanes connecting us to I-90 when we hit 60,000- but that got changed or dropped in last 4 years?  They started removing rock near dam on 28- now it is stopped and nothing is happening.  I have flagged to numerous fatalities and again-all on 2 lanes, none on a 4 lane? I realize two bridges and a RR underpass are the most expensive parts of this goal- but lets at least start and do something now. Rememeber,- it is not funding, we have the highest gas tax in the nation-it is priorities.
This is SR 28 last winter from my snowplow truck front window- imagine the increase traffic when there is no snow? How safe do you feel with that 3,000 pound blade inches from approaching cars?

Briefly let me remind you of East Wenatchee, who failed to remove 4 way stop on Eastmont/5th Street even though Eastmont is a Arterial and less than 30% of traffic at interection comes from 5th St. there. I wrote city and not one elected official has responded yet? This same city asked for comments last January on bike lanes for Valley Mall Parkway- not only no response back on my letter to city council, but this spring they tried to push it thru claiming they would have to  do a change order now to as it was ready to go to bid, as they drew plans with a  bike path instead of 4 lanes? 
4 way stop- no cars on side street at 5th St/Eastmont?

Lastly- Steve asked me about Marijuana- I have concerns- the smell, the lack of state sharing funds with us, the lack of it being legal at the federal level, the fact it actually failed to pass in our county and the increase in traffic accidents due to drugs. I agree with Commissioner Steve Jenkens- we need to protect neighbors who are affected by outdoor grows and if we have to have it, then keep it indoors where the smell can be controlled.

I also urge you to ask questions of all us candidates, as well as review my other posts under Douglas County Commissioner #1 label. I can show you how I will voted in the past, it really is up to the other commission race to see what direction the county will head as my vote is one out of 3. Yes, I was not afraid to ask tough questions and listen to the voters as well as support family events.  I want to listen and lead by example- many of the county workers are already doing a super job and not supported enough.  I welcome any questions or suggestions in comments below and I know there are two sides to every issue. My main goal is to treat others how I would want to be treated and I want to roll out the red carpet for new business and not the Red Tape. Rules and laws should be fair and equal for all.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Take A Chance On Me

Thank you to  the Wenatchee World for the article Thursday about my desire to run for county commissioner #1. I also was honored to be Steve Hairs second live guest on his 1pm show Friday, to announce my desire to run. Steve and KPQ have always been good to cover local news when I was on council.
I hate to bother you with political posts- and I certainly am not telling you who is most qualified for Douglas County Commissioner. I am not asking for funds- although I have mixed feelings if I will accept any since, I have not in the past. I also am not running against any person, rather running with the other 3 candidates. I wish the other candidates the best. Rather than  post campaign signs- I hope to use facebook- so here is a short video for those who do not know me. I hope rather than a yard sign, you will share this video with others who live in Douglas County.  Feel free to post any questions. Thank you K.C for posting this Blog address- you can see I have many topics, but for this election the one called Douglas County Commissioner may be most interesting.
The above video highlights some of my past experience. Perhaps it would be helpful to post  a recent resume as well since you will be my employer if you live in Douglas County and if you take time to vote.
Dennis Hendricks
1331 N. Ashland
East Wenatchee, WA. 98802
(509) 884-9620=phone

Employment History:

Washington State Dept. of Transp. (NCR-Wenatchee Offices) Maintenance Tech               1992 to Present
                Plowed snow, applied de-icing chemicals, traffic control, training seasonal temps, guardrail
                Pavement markings, paint Striping, update no pass log, clean/load striper, drive warning vehicles
Maintain a Current CPR/First Aid Card. Maintain current Flagging Card, CDL Endorsement
Handled safety meetings for WSDOT and compiled over a dozen safety/work videos.
Suggested ideas to improve Efficiency under Brain Storm Program, awarded savings.
City of East Wenatchee, WA. City Council Member;)                                                        1988 to 2012
Approve/monitor city budgets, payroll and accounts. Approve bids. Served on various committees, work with two employee unions. Employee recognition lunches, AWC Certified Municipal Leadership Training Program, Campaigned,  Survived 5 elections- chose not to run in 2011
Washington State Utilities and Transp. Commission, Olympia  MCLE Investigator/Inspector - 1985 to l992
Worked Pasco, Snohomish, Wenatchee, Okanogan, and Kent offices. 
Managed, staffed, and maintained two WUTC offices. Offices covered all of Chelan, Douglas and  
Okanagon counties. Drove approximately 31,000 miles per year. Served as District Safety Rep.
Certified Vehicle Safety Alliance Inspector (CVSA) Certified/trained to insure safety of Trucks
Audit Carriers Books, drivers files, maintenance records, hours of service, equipment, rates, and authority. Assist in filing of applications for authority, rates, protests, appeals, transfers, of for hire vehicles/permit. Peace Officer, Enforce Title 81Laws, and testify in court as required
Commission lost major funding source  and  laid off most field investigators in 1992
Denny’s Restaurant, LaMarada, California (Olympia) Assistant Restaurant Manager; -1984 to 1985
Assisted and Filled in where needed, balanced cash registers, bank deposits, handled customer complaints, worked with employee morale, training of new employees.
Charlie’s Home Center, Tumwater, WA   Truck Driver/Set up;.                                     –1981 to l984
Deliver and set up Manufactured Homes,(single, double and triple wides) blocking, leveling, roofing, loading trucks, inspect homes, repo homes, plumbing, home repairs, carpet laying,

Allen Homes, Olympia, WA Service Manager/Sales Rep;.                                            –l979 to  1981
Managed manufactured housing service department. Hired, laid off, scheduled service for a five state area, set up new dealers, handle questions/complaints/took orders/ factory tours
Community Relations, Hobbies and Other;
-Served as a Church Trustee/Board Member;   -A 4th/5th grade SS teacher.
-Wrote and published 7 humor books, maintain a blog(over 800 blogs)
- Created over 130 Videos that are on and
 -Listed and sold real estate and mobile homes. (Realtor)
Business Administration; Northwest College, Kirkland, WA.                        (1973)
Business Administration; Big Bend Community College, Moses Lake,Wa  (1974)
Real Estate law: Olympia Tech Community college, Olympia, Wa               (l982)
Computers; Wenatchee Valley Community College, Wenatchee, WA.         (1992)
Lake Roosevelt High School, Coulee Dam, WA.                        Graduated    1973
Listed in Who’s Who among High School Students                                      1972
This was my views 23 years ago- I still think it is a good place to raise a family and my values and ideals have not changed. I have a budget to work within during my campaign and I want to work within the budget I am given when elected. The only tax I may consider raising is on importation of garbage- all other taxes should be voted on by you in an election. I put that in writing, and challenge other candidates to do the same on their stands and views. That is the least we can do for voters.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy Hawaii

I don't know if a vacation is more fun or if getting home is?  We arrived home to beautiful weather- almost hotter than we had in Hawaii. The Yard looked nice, the neighbors painted their house, and we sorted out the mail already. The Cat is warming up to us after being gone so long and we are waiting to get a call- to pick up our birds. Thanks to Emilee for watching our cat, for Karen for watching our birds, Journey Travel for booking a fun trip, Princess Cruises for our first cruise with you and for all you did, including our Anniversary Celebration. It was so much more fun traveling with Dave/Jeanette Owens and Mark and Maureen Johnson.  Here is a video of the trip I made several days ago. Thanks to our employers for giving us time off- we had fun. And yes, Thanks to Janice Hendricks for sticking with me for 42 years. Not it is time to start saving for a Panama Canal trip on our 50th Anniversary.