Friday, May 18, 2018

On My Way To Reno

On May 11th, 2018 we drove 13 hours to Carson City Nevada to visit Jan's sister, Marian. We visited Reno strip and the North American Auto Museum as well as doing the Moms on the Run walk in memory of those lost to Cancer. It was my first visit to Virginia City on Sunday.  We saw the oldest settlement in Nevada called Genoa and even visited South Lake Tahoe. We managed to find time to play Uno and Jan's sister, Marian, really spoiled us. We drove down hwy 97 and came back via 395 on Wednesday, the 16th- my favorite route is 97.

Some of the songs I debated on what to use for video were; The Gambler, Little Sister, Travelin Man, I get Around- but finally decided on a song from 1921 (87 years ago) sung by Billy Murray called On My Way To Reno. We really have a good marriage so please ignore the lyrics and his use of the "D" word- It was the best Little Vacation we had this year. And I will answer the question for you- No we did not spend any money gambling- but we are going to play Bingo tonight.....
These are wild Horses along the road
The North American Car Museum in Reno, was one of my favorites
Even Managed to see Lake Tahoe on Tuesday the 15th of May
This photo was taken at Silver Legacy in Reno

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Why Do Kids Grow Up?

Why Do Kids Grow Up is a 1963 hit by Randy and the Rainbows, a American doo-wop group from Maspeth, New York. I added a few photos of my grandson, Billy to show how fast he has grown in one year as well as to remember the year, he was 4 years old. On April 26th, Billy will turn 5- but I will hold onto those memories we had while he was 4 and looking forward to new memories. Happy Birthday Billy and may you have many more happy memories 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Cruise Ship Crazy- (Panama Canal Cruise 2017)

On April 20th, 2017 we left on a 17 day cruise through Panama Canal. It started in Miami, and ended in Seattle.  With 3,000 people on board, you meet all kinds of people, hear all languages, and we experienced weather from 88 degrees with same humidity, to mid 40's- and even saw some rain. Passing through the Panama Canal was my favorite day. Getting home was a close second. (It teaches me to be thankful for our valley) Thanks Darcie for watching our house and "Mouse".  Thanks Karen for watching our birds. Thanks to Mark and Maureen for taking us to and from airport. Thanks to my work for letting me have the time off and for Journey Travel and tours for finding us a low price. We took off for this cruise the same date we got home from our 2016 Hawaii cruise.  This is our 7th cruise and 19  years ago we celebrated our 25th anniversary on our 1st cruise.  This year I figured we would just stay home and tip every other stranger instead of a cruise.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Little Star

Little  Star was first recorded by the Elegants in 1958 and written by two members of the group. The music was adapted from "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I think most members of that group are still alive. Dion recorded the same song in 1993, which is the song I used in this video.  Dion had 39 Top 40 hits in the late 1950s and early 1960s as a solo performer, with the Belmonts or with the Del Satins. I best remember him for the singles "Runaround Sue", and "The Wanderer", among his other hits.
Billy turns 5 next month and Its been almost a year since I made a video of him. Most of these photos were taken by his mom in the last year. I think I have 9 other videos of him and I think this is my 231st video posted on you tube that  I have made as a hobby. My computer files show 11 Christmas videos, 14 of Dennis, 19 of Dennis/Janice, 12 of DuCette's, 46 of grandkids, 28 of Hendricks, 11 of Janice, 35 of  Misc, 9 of safety, 26 of vacations,  and 40 of work.  Most of them can be found under label categories  on the left side of this blog. Some do not want their pictures taken, and the hardest part is finding a song I have not used yet. Not everyone enjoys my style of music but I do not know of a grandpa who does not think his own grandchild is "The Star" 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Stuck On This Highway With You

This weekend ends our winter shift in Wenatchee. This has been my 24th winter plowing snow with each one different and this one being very good. I work with some great people and they give us good  equipment to work with that we take care of. Our two new trucks still have not arrived, but hopefully by next winter. Thank you for your patience and for slowing down for us this winter. I added a few photos of the winter- the winter went faster than this song I think. It will seem different not going to striping this summer, but remaining in Maintenance- I am looking forward to the challenge and hope you will "give us a Brake" when you see us working.
this was our winter crew- Eric was hired as 2115 and did a great job- ok they all did a great job

I think this was the only snowman I built this winter- winter went too fast and not much snow
Hard to get entire crew together, this was our Christmas get together for area
I want to thank the Mechanics who did a super job as well