Thursday, December 7, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with memories that will last for a long time. I appreciate those who take time to jot a short note this time of year to remind us you are fine. The hardest part of sending out cards is to see those names who are not with us this year. This is our 12th video and this  years video is set to the music, "Silent Night" and highlights this past year. Please take this as our wish for you to have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. I only wish we could sit down and visit, one on one.

Merry Christmas
From the Hendricks Family
Christmas is a Special time of year
A Season giving hope and good cheer
 Hoping we  hear from friends, far and near
So grateful for memories we made this past year
This is our twelfth Video, and thirtieth Christmas Letter
Dennis is still plowing snow but has retired from paint striper
Jan taught at Royal Family Camp, but retired as nursery director
Janice has her spinning wheel, quilts and art entered in Chelan fair
Dennis has 233 videos on youtube, doing Facebook, and a blogger
We so Enjoyed a 17 day cruise through Panama Canal this summer
A Silverwood trip last August, and a boat trip to Stehikin last October
Drove to North Dakota for family reunion with a drive through Glacier
A Youth circus in April and the DuCette family reunion in September
Time spent with grandkids, car races,  and a monthly church greeter
We Can’t forget Mouse our cat, and Barney and Squeaky, our conure
We Hope you are Healthy, Happy, Blessed and all Ok,  is our prayer
God Bless you with another Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dennis and Janice Hendricks

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Forever Young

I can’t remember being born, by my mom insists I was. It takes a long time to grow up. 
Thank you for your birthday wishes- its good to know I have so many friends and their sense of humor. 
I am thankful I can go to work on my Birthday- I know many who would love to go to a job today. Relax,  No one has missed my birthday- as we actually each only have one birthday in a lifetime, we just celebrate that same birthday over and over- actually the more times, the better. Today I can again celebrate that day. So far, this is the oldest I have ever been. I was actually born in Virginia, Minnesota- and in 18 days I can say I have lived 30 years in East Wenatchee.  I made this video- sadly the title is not true, although it is a nice wish; “Forever Young”.  Sure I know it is nine years old, but not much has happened in the pasts nine years either- so check out the video and have a good day. My hair was not as gray back then, I think?

Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy Anniversary Mark and Maureen Johnson

Happy Anniversary to Mark and Maureen Johnson. We don't celebrate anniversaries enough- and I am thankful for ones like this who we can share some memories together, pray for each other, and be encouraged by their examples.  Never stop working on your marriage or take each other for granted. Lead On- May God grant you Many More Happy Anniversaries.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Forever Young- (Paint Striping)

I have enjoyed the past 14 years working on striper crew.  I started in 2003. The last of the original crew I worked with retires next month. One has passed on. One is now a superintendent (who I have gone to work for) and three are lead techs, one is a radio operator in Yakima,  the rest retired. They have a great new crew and next week they select a new lead tech. This is my 17th video I have made on striping crew- the first one  in 2005 called Real Men of Genius.   It is time to move on. Thanks to all who made those years so special.
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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Down In The Ditch

It was on this date in 1993 that I started work for WSDOT in Wenatchee. (24 years ago) It really was a blessing; as we had just bought this house, our oldest daughter was a senior in High School, Jan had just started her job, and I was on city council- so moving would have changed our lives greatly. The previous month  I commuted to Kent; as I had to transfer to Kent, or quit my WUTC job. The following year I would learn that additional layoffs at WUTC occurred, if I had stayed with them. DOT has been good to me and I have worked with some great friends. My first winter was spent on Stevens pass working nights plowing snow. I love the variety of work we perform and our goal of keeping the roads open for you.
In 2003 I went to the Striping Crew in the summers and continued to work in maintenance for winters. I actually work for two different bosses (ok, 3 with my wife). Last month I accepted an opening in maintenance where I now work.
Thanks to Luther Beatty for hiring me- I have gone thru about a dozen different lead techs, about 7 supervisors and about 5 superintendents. In fact my winter Superintendent, worked with me on nights my first winter on Stevens pass. I enjoy working 4 ten hour days.  I had been assigned to Stevens, and Leavenworth, besides working in Wenatchee. I have seen many changes, shared many laughs, shared some sorrows-and have so many memories that I treasure. I welcome the new hires and it is tougher each time to say goodbye to those retiring or have passed on- The Lord Willing I hope I can retire in 3 more years and let someone younger take over. It really has worked out great and has gone by so fast.

My friend was fired from his job at the road department for stealing. I have to say I saw it coming. The last time I was at his house all the signs were there.

My father's father wanted to know if he could stay with the company in spite of the many changes. They ended up grandfathering him in
Two mentally-challenged fellows are digging a ditch, when one of them asks the other, "Why are we both down in this ditch digging in the hot sun, doing all the work, while our foreman sits in the shade, smoking a cigar, reading a newspaper, and he getspaid more than we do?" His partner says, "I donno. Why don't you go ask him?" So he climbs out of the ditch, and goes over to where the foreman is. "We were wondering why are we both down in this ditch digging in the hot sun, doing all the work, while you sit in the shade, smoking a cigar, reading a newspaper, and get paid more than we do?" The foreman says, "Well, it's because of education." "Ed-you-kay-shun? What the heck is that?" The foreman smiles broadly, "I was hoping you'd ask that." He puts his hand up on a big tree and says, "Now, you take your shovel, and hit my hand just as HARD as you can." Wow, the old boy's been waiting for a chance like this, so he really cranks up his backswing and let's it fly. But *just* before it hits his hand, the foreman jerks it away. The shovel meets the tree, "BLANG," and the fellow kinda "vibrates" back down into the ditch. His buddy says, "What'd he say?" "Well, he said that the reason why we both down in this ditch digging in the hot sun, doing all the work, while he sits in the shade, smoking a cigar, reading a newspaper, and get paid more than we do is because of ed-you-kay-shun." "Ed-you-kay-shun? What the heck is that?" (smiling broadly) "I was hoping you'd ask that." (puts his hand up in front of his face) "Now, you take your shovel and hit my hand just as HARD as you can..."