Saturday, November 28, 2015

Oh Holy Night (2010)

Looking back at past Christmas Videos, reminds me how blessed we are and also reminds me how fast time keeps moving on. This is actually a video I made five years ago for our annual Christmas card. I hope these videos remind you of your past Christmas's, good memories,  and most of all, the very first Christmas- that Holy Night long ago. I am actually glad time does not stand still, That baby we sing about is no longer a baby, nor is he still in the grave- he is in Heaven, sitting on the right hand of God today, the King of Kings, and is in control, and someday he will return; One Holy Night, for us. The bible says he will come as a thief in the night.  I hope you are ready- never could figure out why no one had not made room for him with all the prophecies of when/where he would be born. Merry Christmas.
Season’s Greetings from the Hendricks Family 2010
It’s Just several weeks before Christmas as again I wonder where this year has went?
This will be our 23rd Christmas letter and 7th Christmas video when finally done and sent,
So why do we have to outdo the previous year in new ways to share our memories and fun?
I would be happy with a call or card to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone.
On Last Christmas Day Dawn/ Derek moved to Kirkland, so we made several trips over there to see
Underground Seattle, Woodland Zoo, Flight Museum, Grace in the Nutcracker Ballet,  rode the ferry
A trip to Smallwoods, Chuck E Cheese, Waterpark, Slidewaters, and Silverwood with Darcie’s family
The Stehiken Boat trip with Jan’s mom between her dr. appointments, church, shopping, and laundry,
In June we attended the Smith reunion, and a Labor Day reunion at Hydro Park for  DuCette family
Dennis has 6 humor books and a few new videos; type his name under search on to see
Now on Facebook, a daily blog, city council, paint striping, plowing, sold his Corolla to buy  a CRV
Jan to District council, Nitro, Stars Overnighter, Mega Sports Camp, Lost Lake Camp,  Royal Family
Busy as Kids pastor, sewing, copying the Bible by hand, a trip to Montana,  relaxes by watching TV
Renting out house in Tumwater; still have Cat Madison and Conure bird “Barnabus” that is a baby
We are praying that this letter will find you safe, happy, healthy, thankful and all for you is Okay,
May God Richly Bless You and you have the Greatest Christmas and a Most Happy Holiday!
Dennis & Janice Hendricks

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Do You Want To Build A Snowman

I love Snow and I hope we get lots of snow this winter. I am looking forward to my first snowman of this year. It makes it a bit difficult as normally when it is snowing, I am working, but I always find time to build a snowman and love it when the Grandkids let me help them. I hope this video brings out the kid in you- some of the snowmen in this video are almost 39 years ago and some are part of our house. I hope you recognize some of the children in this video and I hope building a snowman is on your bucket list of things to do.
Above is Jans newest Art work that was completed last week. I will probably become famous after we are long gone and just after this video hits gold. Good Job Janice.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Silent Night (2009)

I love the song Silent Night, I think it is one of the earliest Christmas songs I remember learning/singing. Since I made this video six years ago, I decided to post a photo of my grandkids that was made probably 6 years ago as well.  I also posted a  scanned copy of the Christmas letter we sent out 26 years ago. Jeremy who would draw pictures on the cards, we each would sign our names on card,  we mailed out the cards back then, and I would also post that card in a photo album and add a few photos taken that Christmas for remembrance- so thus the scanned page you are seeing- I wish the print came out  larger- but as they say, a picture says a thousand words.
Season's Greetings from The Hendricks Family 2009
Thanksgiving is over,  the tree is going up,  and the Christmas music  sounds so great,
I need to hurry to write this Christmas letter  and a Christmas video  before it is too late.
We celebrated Jan's birthday with the Grandkids at a indoor water park away from snow
Our 35th Anniversary was spent at Ocean Side in Oregon where Jan as a child would go
We helped with our church's 2nd Royal Family Kids Camp for foster abused kids In June
Immediately after that we spent a long week with mom at the Hospital emergency room,
We got to visit with her family, her house is to be sold, and she now lives in Wenatchee,
In August  we had so much fun at our Annual Silver wood Theme Park Day  with family,
Our renters of 7 years moved out,  pray that we can sell or rent our house in Tumwater,
In October we took a much needed cruise to the Mexico Riviera on the Norwegian Star,
Jan as a kid's pastor does kids church, camps, Missionettes, LITE, and Abigail the Clown,
Also help her mom with her bills, pills, shopping, appointments and getting around town,
Dennis still teaches 4th/5th graders, striping roads in summer and in winter plowing snow
City council, humor books, his new blog, time with grandkids, and making another video
We still have Madison our cat, and 5 little fish that I would trade for a bird if it was to me
Go to; type in Dennis Hendricks under search, for his latest video to see.
We are so thankful to God for his many blessings  and sending Jesus, his son,
Watching, waiting and ready for that day when he promised to again come.
We pray this letter finds you are safe, happy, and healthy and all is okay,
May God Richly Bless you, and give you the most Happy Holiday

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sometimes Christmas Makes Me Cry (2008)

Today’s Christmas video song is called Christmas Sometimes Makes Me Cry,  I know each of us have had disappointments and things do not always go as planned. Even back in 2008 we experienced our first house fire- it is easy to look back, but at the time things looked very differently. Even though this video was made 7 years ago- some things have changed, that we miss and brings pain. I also think of the ones who I cannot send or receive a card from this year- and the pain those are feeling- missing them.  I remember the quote from It's A Wonderful Life, "Each Man's life touches so many other lives"-even the ones who helped make this trip possible. I have been touched by so many wonderful lives- thank you. And please stop to think before you do something stupid- "how many lives will that decision affect? Your life and decisions touch so many others. Can I post one more quote from that movie?  "Dear George: Remember no man is a failure who has friends. P.S. Thanks for the wings! Love, Clarence." A bell rings, and his daughter Zuzu remembers that it means an angel has earned his wings. George realizes that he truly has a wonderful life.
Season’s Greetings from the Hendricks
It’s snowing outside so I better write our Christmas letter and make a Christmas video,
I review the year so I can remember and help understand where the year really did go
Last April 4th we had a house fire caused by a bad extension cord that came as a shock,
Seeing 34 years of material things thrown in dumpster reminded us of what’s important,
Family and friends, we felt your prayers, saw Gods grace, and we grew closer together,
Received a housewarming shower, and watched our grandkids grow so much this year,
For six months we lived in a trailer with our cat Madison that was next door to grandkids
Our April train trip to Seattle was rescheduled to September for a Neil Diamond Concert
In June we helped with our church’s 1st annual Royal Family Kids Camp for abused kids
Our June Silverwood park trip saw rain, so we rescheduled it in August with grandkids,
In August we enjoyed a Gaither’s concert and special day in Spokane with church family
Jan’s been kid’s pastor for 15 years, directs Mega Sports Camp, kids church, and LITE,
Dennis still teaches 4th/5th graders, striping roads in summer and in winter plows snow,
City council, humor books, videos, and threatening to sell Cougar and Jan’s pink metro
Please join us December 20th for our open house here from 12-4 with cookies and coffee
Go to, type in Dennis Hendricks under search, for Christmas video to see
Christmas is not about us; it’s about Jesus the light of the World, and his gift to accept,
We have so much to be thankful for and hope this brings you happiness, peace and joy,
We pray that you have a Merry Christmas with a Blessed and Prosperous New Year.
Dennis and Janice Hendricks 2008
Here is our Christmas Letter from thirteen years ago;
Dennis & Janice  2002

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I'd Still Like To Go To Grandma's House For Christmas (2007)

In 2007 I used the song "I'd Still Like to Go To Grandmas House For Christmas" as sang by the Talleys for our Christmas video. I think it is my most popular Christmas video on Of coarse I have great memories of Christmas at  my Grandmas- what great memories and what a great part of Christmas. 2007 was tough, as Jans mom was in her final days- the family has been called in and  we don't know if she will have Christmas with us or in Heaven that year. She would be 93 next February. This video was made 8 years ago and the Christmas Letter below the actual 2007 letter was written 28 years ago- it was one of our first Christmas letters written and we were just moving to East Wenatchee in 1987- in fact we moved on Christmas Day in a U-haul truck.
Christmas 2007 From The Hendricks
   It's been a twenty year tradition to send a verse about last year in review,
Hoping that we will receive a visit, call or letter from our friends like you.
Our tree is up, it's snowing outside and Christmas music sounds so great,
I must write a Christmas letter and a Christmas video,  before it's too late.
  We took our first week long cruise to Alaska with several friends last May,
In August we went to Silverwood Park for a annual fun filled Family Day.
October was so beautiful as we drove to Montana to visit family in Helena,
 We love the time we spend with 5 grandkids as a Grandma and Grandpa.
  Dennis still stripes state roads in summer and in winter he plows the snow,
Publishes humor books and on you can search for his video,
Teaches 4th /5th graders and re-elected for his final term as city councilman,
Pastimes are his 67 Cougar, computer, Tika our bird and our cat Madison.
  Janice does Abigail the Clown and next June a Royal Family Camp director,
Working on her 57 Metropolitan car, and over 15 years as children's pastor,
Time for sewing, knitting, tatting,  Mega Sports camp,  and camp counselor,
Aerobics, lunch with the girls, shopping, and has to watch CSI and Survivor.
Cody, 3, buckles his seat belt.   Caitlyn, 5 months, has teeth and rolls over,
Emilee, 5, loves animals,  kindergarten,  climbing,  swimming,  and soccer.
Grace, 8, takes piano and dance lessons,  is on JBQ,  and is always  busy.
Trent, 4, loves his donkey, making people laugh, preschool, his cat Baby.
  The Greatest Gift is Jesus, and his promise to come again for you and me
 We Pray God will Bless you, and you are always safe, healthy and happy.
  Dennis and Janice Hendricks 2007

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Patti

Someone told me today may be Patti Mahlum's Birthday? Happy Birthday Patti.  Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and enjoy lots of cake. Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

He Is The Reason For The Season (2006)

Nine years ago we used the song "He is the Reason for the Season" for our Christmas Video.  As you can tell, traditions are important and we don't lead a really eventful life- but I am thankful for those "moments" and "memories" and the "little things" that mean a lot to me.  Below I posted our Christmas letter from 1996- nineteen years ago. I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas. The words to the video song are posted below as well for the year 2006. (nine years ago)
Christmas 2006
From The Hendricks
We look forward to this time of the year.
The letters we receive from friends far and near.
The season filled with joy, hope and good cheer.
And reviewing the memories we made this past year.
The past 19 years we have sent out a greeting in a rhyme,
Some think a simple Christmas video could be more in line,
Others prefer email, a phone call,  or sharing a personal visit,
You are special and your friendship means so much  we admit.
Being a Children’s Pastor, and camp director keeps Jan quite busy,
It is Knitting, Tatting or crocheting  while she watches the evening TV,
Jan likes to work on her 57 Metro’ car  as she finds the time and money,
Time for Mega Sports Camp,  Abigail the Clown,  and decorating the tree.
Dennis stripes state roads the in summer,  and in the winter he plows snow,
His seven humor books have peaked,   so now his hobby has become video,
City Council keeps him busy, and his 67 cougar he wonders if he should sell.
He Taught Sunday School, painted the house, and likes to check his email.
Our annual family trip to the Silverwood Theme Park was so much fun,
Still have our one legged bird, Tiaca, and our fat cat called Madison,
We so enjoy the times with our grandkids and watching them grow,
We are expecting grandchild # 5 in July in case you want to know.
The greatest Gift we are Thankful for is Jesus, Gods only son,
Watching, waiting, and ready for the day he again will come,
We pray you are happy, healthy, and everything is all right,
So, Merry Christmas to All, and to All, Have a good night.
Dennis and Janice Hendricks

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Happy Anniversary Larry & Sue

I would like to Wish Larry and Sue Horton a Happy Anniversary today. Love is not a feeling, nor an emotion; but it is a commitment. They are celebrating 35 years today. A time to celebrate the beauty, the gift, and the blessing of enduring love.
Lean on each others’ strengths. Forgive each others’ weaknesses.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Reason For The Season (2005)

Ten years ago, in 2005,  we created our first Christmas Video. It's been a tradition and a reminder that I need to start on this years video soon, with only 49 days till Christmas.  I used a different video program then, and many of the photos I used somehow disappeared off my computer and I no longer have them? I am thankful for the memories that are stored in our mind and I am thankful for the many friends who are part of those memories.  It is never too early to say  "I hope you have a Merry Christmas- and enjoy the real reason for the season". I also posted the 2004 Christmas letter below- (our first Christmas letter was back in 86 or 87).

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Amazing Grace (2009)

I look forward to Christmas-Its always fun hearing from people, the hugs, food, children, family, friends, traditions, and just time shared together! May that never end. And the real meaning of Christmas- no matter when he actually was born- the hope he brings to a dark world. Here are some photos taken six years ago. We do not send out this years card/video until Dec. 7th-(I have not started on it yet) but I wanted to share some old Christmas videos during this month as I update my blog and prepare for Christmas myself. This was an extra video I made to the tune of Amazing Grace in 2009- Its a reminder Christmas is coming very fast.....