Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dawn

On May 2nd, 1976- our first child arrived at 10:52pm. Dawn Marie Hendricks was born in the Grand Coulee Hospital and weighed 6lbs. 13 oz. And 20 ¾ long. The Miracle of Birth is so amazing and we are so thankful for each of our children. Happy Birthday Dawn-

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everyone loves A Parade

Everyone loves a parade- somone once told me, if you are ever run out of town, get in front and make it look like a parade. Yesterday was the youth parade- our church came in 2nd in its category- good job! The weather was great, although the wind made it a bit chilly out. Next Friday is the Classis Chassis parade in East Wenatchee with the car show Saturday in the park. Next Saturday at 11am is the 92nd annual Apple Blossom parade! These are excellent parades and you do not want to miss them. This year is extra special as the apple blossoms are on the trees due to the late spring. I remember in Grand Coulee I was the float driver for a couple summers for Colorama,  And in Olympia I helped get Jeremy off the float when the Royal Ranger float caught fire. Its fun to see parents involved with their kids on parades- I even remember the Pet parade in Olympia with our kids. The first parades I remember actually are from Stanley North Dakota on July 4th of each year- I love a parade! What Memories!
 This was in Olympia for the Pet parade in early 80's
Last Years Youth Parade in Wenatchee- "Cody"
 I love the Classy Chassis Parade in East Wenatchee! Don't miss it.
Our favorite spot to watch Apple Blossom Parade in Wenatchee-
 Dawn used to live just down the street from Here
It was near the beginning and everyone was not worn out yet.
 Staging began at 9am even though the parade did not start till 11am
(that would be Emilee,  Cody, Caitlyn and Abigail)
 12;30 and end of the Parade Route yesterday-
 Our church came in 2nd for its category in Parade
Great Job!
A little tired I would say???
Our Entry # was 75. and more behind them.
Thanks for making it a fun Day for us!