Sunday, May 7, 2017

Panama Cruise 2017

Several told me to take lots of photos-so here is our cruise photos in a song. On a 17 day cruise with 3,000 you meet all kinds of people, hear all languages, and we experienced weather. From 88 degrees with same humidity, to mid 40's- and even saw some rain. Passing through the Panama Canal was my favorite day. Getting home was a close second. (It teaches me to be thankful for our valley) Thanks Darcie for watching our house and "Mouse".  Thanks Karen for watching our birds. Thanks work for letting me have the time off and for Journey Travel and tours for finding us a low price. We took off for this cruise the date we got home from last years cruise.  This is our 7th cruise and 18  years ago we celebrated our 25th anniversary on our 1st cruise.  Next year I figured we would just stay home and tip every other stranger instead of a cruise.

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