Saturday, May 5, 2012

Andy Griffin Remembers Why his show Worked

Sorry to see Andy Griffith passed away this week at 86. I loved his show as a kid- would have to watch it at the neighbors house as we did not have a TV then. Just hearing the opening to his show brings back good memories. Since I have a label called Life, its only fitting I include a blog toward him, just hard to choose which one. The show was designed as life in the 30's, there were no killings although people had their faults, Andy always had time for his son when he stopped by work, and most importantly,  everyone seemed to love one another. Sure I know it was an imaginary town and only acting- but the kind of shows I wish we still had for those for my grandkids. He also won a gospel grammy award for his 25 Most loved Hymns CD that I also at one time owned.(before the fire).